This happens when you extend Nazca lines around the world (video)

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Nazca lines around the world. Today we said to open this topic, these lines that seem like old airports. I have seen many things on the internet. Things are similar to aliens being drawn to the earth. I don’t believe in those drawings, but these lines seem like landing tracks. What doesn’t bind, it seems like landing strikes for today’s aircraft. The UFO theory is that they are like helicopters on the ground.

Every time you expand the Nazca lines around the world, they always mark a specific point, Angkor Wat.

Angkor Wat is an ancient megalithic site with many boulders stretching for thousands of miles. Could it be that the Nazca lines are part of a sophisticated global positioning system?

I have a question for you all: Any chance it was ever the North Pole and the South Pole?

The first thing I heard about the Nazca lines was in a series of teen books with Anthony Horowitz called Power of Five. The Nazca lines were used to open a StarGate or portal to raise the old ones.

Now I know that this is a series of fictional books; however, they have become accustomed to presenting us in a fictional framework that is part of the truth.

This happens when you extend Nazca lines

This happens when you extend Nazca lines around the world (video) 2

Could it be possible that the Nazca lines, as they extend around the world in equal degrees, could be a portal to open up another dimension, something like CERN? Do you all think that I am far from the base and off the ground?

The Nazca Lines are plentiful

Creating them took hundreds of years and employed a large number of people. The question of size and purpose has led some to speculate that visitors from space have made them or been project managers at their arrival. Erich von Däniken believes that construction is a landing place for spacecraft <ref> Chariots of the Gods? (1968), Arrival of the Gods: Revealing the Alien Landing Sites at Nazca (1998). </ref>, which was first proposed by James W Moseley in the October 1955 issue of Fate, and popularized in the early 1960s by Louis Pauwels and Jaques Bergie in The Morning of the Magician.

If you consider that the lines form huge lizards, spiders, monkeys, llamas, dogs, hummingbirds, etc., as well as zig-zag patterns, lines cross and across and geometric patterns, then it must have been a confusing airport to use. It was thoughtful of visitors to depict plants and animals that could interest the locals, even though it must have made navigation more difficult than having a straight runway. In addition, it must have been a high-traffic airport, considering that the runways extend over a 60 km long area. However, it is difficult to imagine that it was possible to land spaceships without affecting any of the artwork created with pits in the ground, but there are no traces of such impact.

The spacecraft theory is proposed mainly because people have a hard time believing that a people made up of “primitive Indians” can be intelligent enough to come up with a project of this kind, let alone possess enough technical knowledge to realize it. However, the facts say something else. Aztecs, Toltecs, Inca and Mayan Indians, etc., provide enough evidence that the Nazi people did not need extraterrestrial help to build a gallery in the desert.

In any case, very sophisticated technology is not required to make large figures, geometric shapes and straight lines, as demonstrated by those who make grain field circles. They probably used a grid pattern to make the huge figures, in the same way, that their weaving shoes did to create their complicated patterns. The most difficult part of the project must have been moving all the stone and soil to expose the underlying, lighter, material. There is nothing mysterious about how the Nazi people created their lines and figures.

Check out the video below.

VIDEO: This happens when you extend Nazca lines around the world

The NASA lines are a series of long lines in the desert of Peru, captured here in the image of a NASA satellite.

The longest lines are up 1.5 km long and have been created by moving the reddish stones in the desert from the white-gray ground below. There are also other smaller figures that resemble animals. The s.k. The geoglyphs are believed to have been created by the people of Nasca culture who lived in the area between 100 BC and 800 AD The purpose of the figures is unclear, but the most supported hypothesis is that they were created to be seen from the skies of the gods of the people.


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