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What is the Bermuda Triangle outside the United States?

blank - What is the Bermuda Triangle outside the United States?

There were lots of fighter jets from the United States practicing off the coast of Florida in December 1945. There were several warplanes practicing over the sea off the coast of Florida. But now all of a sudden something strange happened. Only these war plans disappeared during the exercise. Although the U.S. military searched for these fighter jets, these fighter jets disappeared only during training off the coast of Florida in 1945.

These warplanes disappeared over the Bermuda triangle where many planes disappear, both large and small planes have disappeared without a trace around this area on earth. The strange thing about these planes disappearing is that there are no traces of these planes just disappearing. These planes just disappear without a trace over the Bermuda triangle

But the strange thing is that even boats disappear without a trace over this area called the Bermuda Triangle. How can boats and planes just disappear over this area?

Many believe that it is UFOs that take these planes and boats around this area. There are many UFO reports around the Bermuda Triangle. These UFOs have been seen flying around in the sky. But then lots of planes just disappear over the area. Is it spaceships that take these planes? Because you will never find the plane or pilots again.

How can small boats and large boats disappear over the same area Is it also ufon that takes them because you can not find a trace of the boats all Others believe that under the sea large holes open and pull down these boats that disappear over Bermuda Triangle?

This is a big mystery that planes and boats can only disappear over the Bermuda Triangle or all just myths and legends it is a difficult issue

The warships that were practiced in 1945 are still missing without a trace, these warships have been since 1945 when these warships practiced off the coast of Florida. Where was the spaceship that kidnapped these warships in 1945, it’s a big question.

Disappears without a trace: Inside the myths and mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle
What is the Bermuda Triangle outside the United States? 1Portrait of the legendary Lost Squadron & the planet
“Flight 19” which probably disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle shortly after the Second World War.
LIFE image collection via Getty Images

Some have called it the Devil’s Triangle.

Others have called it Limbo of the Lost or Hoodoo Sea. But for most, it is the Bermuda Triangle, a stretch of water in the Atlantic known for swallowing ships and disappearing planes.

For centuries, the Bermuda Triangle has been mystified as an outrageous part of the ocean, where sailors and pilots are prone to lose touch with the natural world and disappear forever.

Although the US government does not recognize the Bermuda Triangle as a real geographical location or a threat, its legends have long painted a picture of death, mystery, and fear.

What is the Bermuda Triangle outside the United States? 2


Triangle area

Gaddy’s Argosy article delimited the boundaries of the triangle and gave its corner as Miami; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Bermuda. Subsequent authors did not necessarily follow this definition. Some authors gave the triangle different boundaries and corners, with a total area ranging from 1,300,000 to 3,900,000 km2 (500,000 to 1,510,000 square kilometers). “Some writers even go as far as the Irish coast.” Consequently, the determination of which accidents occurred within the triangle depends on which author reported them.

What is the Bermuda Triangle outside the United States? 3



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