Were Moses and Akhenaton the same person?

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Was Moses the Pharaoh Akhenaten?

Moses, the venerable leader, navigated the Israelites from the shackles of Egyptian servitude to the sanctity of the Promised Land. Scriptures depict him as nurtured amid Egypt’s elite echelons. Yet, whispers and contemplations arise: did he ascend to the pinnacle, becoming the Pharaoh Akhenaten?


The enigma of Pharaoh Akhenaten, who distanced himself from the pantheon of Egyptian deities in favor of the sun’s singular worship – the Aten, beckons with intrigue. Among scholars and intellectuals, a discourse has emerged. Could this monotheistic sovereign either embody Moses or have profoundly influenced him? The eminent father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, postulated that Moses might have been an acolyte of the Aten faith, compelled into exile when the conventional doctrines regained primacy and Akhenaten’s reign was dismantled.

This potential embodiment of Moses, Akhenaten, was illustriously wedded to the mesmerizing Nefertiti, whose exquisite visage graces the Neues Museum in Berlin. Portrayals of their existence resonate with an intimate domesticity, encapsulating Nefertiti amidst familial duties as Akhenaten remains in proximal contemplation.

Merely a fortnight prior to its closure due to the pandemic, I ambled through the corridors of the Neues Museum. There, I captured the distinctive artistry borne of Akhenaten’s era. It’s as though artists, under his auspices, abandoned convention, mirroring his religious upheaval.

Although capturing the iconic Nefertiti bust was forbidden, I chanced upon an unfinished visage from millennia ago. This artifact, bearing the raw imprints of its creator, held a captivating allure. I present to you a brief visual narrative I curated; it may be an age before these relics can be witnessed again.

Nevertheless, a glaring dichotomy between Akhenaten and Moses persists. The undeniable existence of Akhenaten is substantiated by his effigies, desecrated remains, and inscriptions. In contrast, Moses, while immortalized in tales, leaves us yearning for tangible proofs or unequivocal artifacts.


Khenaten, Moses & the Genesis of Sole Deity Belief – Guest Speaker: Dr. James K. Hoffmeier. Esteemed scholar, Dr. James K. Hoffmeier, with a focus on Old Testament and the history and archaeology of Ancient Near Eastern realms, imparts his wisdom at Trinity Evangelical Divinity Academy.

Originating from the historic land of Egypt, where he spent his formative years up to sixteen, Dr. Hoffmeier recurrently voyages back, driven by scholarly excavation, research, and pedagogic commitments. Between the years 1975 and 1977, he became intricately involved with the Akhenaten Temple Endeavour in the grandeur of Luxor. Subsequently, he held the esteemed role of Professor of Archaeology and Old Testament at the renowned Wheaton Institute and ascended to the head of Wheaton’s Consortium for Biblical, Theological, Sacred, and Archaeological Disciplines.

During the span of 1996 to 1999, he oversaw the Wheaton Archaeological Initiative. His leadership was prominent at the Tell el-Borg site in Sinai from 1998-2008. Notably, his expertise resonated beyond academia; he contributed and provided sagacious counsel for television broadcasts across esteemed networks such as Discovery, History, Learning, and National Geographic. Across the expanse of the United States and on the global stage, Dr. Hoffmeier imparts knowledge with regularity.

I have always affirmed that Akhenaton’s brother Tutmosis was actually the biblical Moses.

This man here believes it was Akhenaton who was Moses …

Have Moses’ biblical accounts been forged to hide his true heritage? Like, who puts a baby in a basket and sends it downstream? There are some excellent parents there………… Either way … I still firmly believe that Moses was an alien hybrid and was directly involved with Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton.

And I don’t think the Bible is giving us a complete picture … there are other stories that throw this story from a different perspective.

It is not inconceivable for most people to understand that every civilization on Earth at this time actually deviated from the ancient Sumerians.

This was the place where people branched out to go and repopulate the world, the Ancient Egypt we see today only relived after the great flood and was only possible because the Sumerians, under Enoch’s instructions, built a vault of l Final Judgment. to secure the DNA of most life on Earth right now.

History suggests that the Anunnaki knew that the flood was coming and that they did very little to save the population; were our creators, but it seems that the rogue God Enoch was the one who helped Humanity save lives, and it also seems that the Anunnaki were not angry. For this, but in fact, they were impressed that this was achieved.

After survival, they helped us instead of hindering our quest for survival, but as history has developed, this has been increasingly diluted from one Civilization to another to the point that we really struggle to believe the truth.


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