Video of UFO near the Moon surprised Ufologists and conspiracy theorists

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An interesting video has been running on the internet for a few days. Filming is done in Indiana by a man who wants to test the camera with powerful lenses.

Periodically through life, I have been fascinated by the idea of ​​extraterrestrial life. When I was twelve, I saw a UFO over the city where I lived. At first, I thought it was the moon that was big and called my mom who was as surprised as I was. Ufot stood perfectly still and then disappeared very quickly in the distance and the next day we could read in the newspaper that many had seen the same thing.

Now that I have grown older, it is self-evident that the earth is not the only inhabited place in the universe and I have met many credible, “ordinary” people who have both seen, met and been taken aboard a UFO and met creatures from other places.

The other week I talked to a friend who is the CEO of a company, represented on the Nasdaq stock exchange and who has a lot of knowledge and experience from these visits.

He told me to go to Lima in Peru and meet a guy there who usually climbs up a mountain and makes contact. After a little while, the aliens arrive in their spaceship and they have telepathic conversations.

He decided to shoot the moon. What is in the movie is a huge, unidentified flying object with a circular shape hiding behind the moon.

This flying object has a futuristic shape, ufologists say this object can be an orbital station.

Here are some legitimate questions:

What was this item and where did it come from?

Can this flying object be created by the world’s governments, secretly from the public? An advanced space unit designed for astronauts’ long lunar orbits?

Or maybe it’s not artificial at all?

VIDEO: UFO near the Moon


ufo on the moon from canon eos 70d with 70 300mm


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