VIDEO: “Baby Alien” – Family From Texas Found What Appears To Be A “Baby Alien” Creature

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“Baby Alien” Creature

A family from Texas found what appears to be a “baby alien” creature. The video is bizarre and shocking, but it has captured the public’s imagination in an entirely different way than they thought possible just one day ago when this story broke yesterday afternoon!

A family from Texas found what appears to be a “baby alien” creature. The video was posted on YouTube and has gone viral with over 300,000 views so far. In the clip, you can see an unidentified person holding up a black balloon that resembles an extraterrestrial-like being.

It’s unclear whether this is some kind of prank or not but it’s sure to make your skin crawl!

Do you believe in alien life?

Well, no one can answer that question for you. But what if I told you about a video of an “alien baby” creature found by a family from Texas? This is not your typical post about aliens or UFOs. It may be hard to believe at first, but this is just the story of how some people can find extraterrestrial beings lurking among us on Earth.

A few years ago, I found myself looking through a stack of pictures. The folder was marked “Baby Aliens” because that’s what it contained- photos snapped by an unknown photographer at some point between 1980 and 1985 when Michael Jackson hair was all the rage among prepubescent boys everywhere (and girls too)!


My curiosity got me hooked on this UFO sightings thing, but nowhere I am with my own little alien trying hard not be noticed in front of her mommy during our photoshoot while we try to get just the right smile before they’re off taking Snapshots That Last Forever!.

Scientists have discovered baby aliens in our solar system! They are so cute, they look just like the aliens from Star Wars.
Scientists say these little beetles-like creatures come out of eggs to find their way back home when it gets too dark for them on Earth’s surface – just as Han Solo would do if he got lost during an adventure across Tattooine (I’m sure Chewbacca knew how).

What does this mean? It seems likely that there might be more life forms yet unknown throughout the Universe than we originally imagined because who knows what else is up there…

Baby aliens are so cute! I love to see their little faces light up when they hear the sound of our voice.


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