12 Feet Nephilim Alien Giant Soldiers – US Army Developed Genetic Experiment to Revive

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Nephilim was the offspring of “sons of God” and “daughters of men” before the flood, according to Genesis 6: 1–4.

A similar or identical biblical Hebrew term, read as “Nephilim” by some scholars, or as the word “fallen” by others, is shown in Ezekiel 32:27.

As people began to multiply on the ground and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that they were righteous and they took wives for themselves whatever they chose. Then the Lord said, “My spirit shall not abide in mortal eternities, for they are flesh; their days shall be a hundred and twenty years.” Nephilim was on earth during those days – and even afterward – when the sons of God entered into the daughters of men who gave birth to them. These were the heroes who were from old, warriors of renown.

– Genesis 6: 1-4, the new revised standard version


12 Feet Nephilim Alien Giant Soldiers - US Army Developed Genetic Experiment to Revive 3

According to Quayle, it was predicted that Nephilim / Giants would return at the end of time and come to power by a corrupt global elite that maintains a bloodline linked to the fallen angels.

In the previous article, I wrote that the “fallen angels” described in the Bible were indeed foreign refugees who founded the Antarctic colony about 60,000 before. According to Corey Good, extraterrestrials from Mars have descended from an Antarctic colony just above the “Long Rays of Builders” technology, which is millions of years old.

The Fallen Angels / Alien Refugees (according to Good: Pre-Adamite) founded colonies around the world, including the Middle East. They used genetic engineering to create a hybrid progeny of Giants / Nephilim, which were set up to represent foreigners refugees in Antarctica.

The decisive source of giant power/power / Nephilim was advanced extraterrestrial technology, controlled by their “fathers creator” of the fallen angels / Martians / (Pre-Adamity).

With a strong irony, perhaps consciously, the Bible refers to the tribe of Moab, Lot’s son, who fought the giants, called Emes. Deuteronomy (5, Moses)

Originally, there lived the Emeians, powerful, and many people tall as Anakovs. Like the Anakites, they also numbered Rephaim, but the Moabites called them Emeians. In the city of Seir, the Korethites lived once, but the sons of Esau drove them out and destroyed them and settled in their place, as Israel did with their own land, which the LORD gave them.

12 Feet Nephilim Alien Giant Soldiers - US Army Developed Genetic Experiment to Revive 4

In this passage, the descendants of Moab destroyed the Giants of the country where Moabité wanted to settle. Now the Pentagon has just used a bomb called MOAB to allegedly destroy the giants hidden in the Afghan cave system if Quayle and other sources are right. It doesn’t seem like a single coincidence.

In addition, the ISIS name refers to the ancient Egyptian goddess, widely worshiped throughout the Middle East as an all-encompassing universal goddess (love, nobility, care, beauty, fidelity, and care). It will not be exaggerated to see it between fallen angels / alien refugees or Obry / Nephilim, who have influenced human affairs through advanced technology that made them people as gods in those times.

The presence of American giants in the US army bases in South Korea has just been confirmed by this absolutely stunning imagery from Igor Kryan.

The military Humvee heights reach 6 feet. If you install a 3-meter-long HMG on the Humvee roof or a heavy machine gun, the total height of a vehicle would be about 9 feet.

This soldier is close to 12 meters tall and looks like a real Nephilim giant. According to military intelligence insiders, they have created these giant soldiers and taken them to South Korea to scare the North.

The average height of the North Korean soldier is about 4.5 feet, so the Americans really try to scare them with the 12-foot giants.

Still, their size makes them a good target for enemies on the battlefield.

Watch the following video.


And it happened at the time when he became a son of men that they were born beautiful, charming daughters. When the angels, sons of heaven, saw, sought after them, and said, “Let us choose between human women and children, foster their offspring.” … .. Two hundred of them then descend to Arias, which forms the centerpiece of Hermon, as the oath and committed by mutual wedging. (Henok book)



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