University professor Discovers Fairy population and shows evidence

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Hello, today we return to this old article what we saw as created controversy on the Internet. When a universal teacher came up with some less common theories. I’ve always read through the lines. I understand that when a piece of information goes public, it can be altered up to 90%. I want you to tell your opinion on the subject. I wish you a beautiful day full of fulfillment. Let’s see what the article says:

Mr. John Hyatt made an incredible discovery. For many years, John participated in meetings with very strange creatures who, according to official academy reports, simply should not exist.

It’s too risky for a university professor to say he believes in the creatures of the outside world. But since John came up with physical evidence as images, no one can doubt the veracity of his claims.

John has claimed that there is a large population of fairies in the English countryside of Rossendale.

After confirming his existence, John confessed to being surprised when he looked at the photos and realized that fairies were physically very similar to humans.

University professor Discovers Fairy population and shows evidence 3

In case you are interested, an exhibition called Rossendale Fairies will be held at the Whitaker Museum. At the same time, he said fairies are very different from those depicted in fairy tales.

Interestingly, in 2009, Phyllis Bacon took a photo of a fairy in her garden in New Addington, south London.

University professor Discovers Fairy population and shows evidence 4

Another 1917 case tells how Frances Griffiths got into a creek while “playing with the fairies.”

What do you think about this? Take a look at the video below and feel free to share your opinions with us.


“We live in a universe that is much more diverse and interesting than we have been led to believe. I think to begin to appreciate how wonderful our world really is, we need to re-examine our “Myths” of our world and consider the idea that these are not just fanciful tales of cultures with vivid imaginations, but also stories real of how things were. , and that there are certainly pockets of incredible beings still living next to us. Keep an open mind, people … before denying such things so vehemently, learn about “myths from all over the world and ask yourself why these same stories appear in cultures around the world.”



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