[video] Uncovering Potential Fraud in NASA’s ISS Program: A Call to Action for Brevard County Commissioners

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Good afternoon, Commissioners. My name is Justin Harvey, and I reside at 103 South Osceola, Orlando, 32801. Today, I wish to bring to your attention potential fraud on an enormous scale occurring in your county, involving NASA and their claims about the International Space Station (ISS).

There is no clear evidence that NASA is using various techniques, such as wires, harnesses, green screens, and virtual reality, to deceive the public about astronauts being on the ISS. Instances of astronauts fading in and out of the screen, green screen glitches, grabbing objects that aren’t there, pulling on invisible wires, and even appearing out of thin air have been observed. This raises an important question: if astronauts are genuinely in space, why are they using Hollywood techniques to fake the footage?

In addition, during spacewalks outside the ISS, air bubbles have been recorded on numerous occasions. How is it possible for air bubbles to be present in the vacuum of space? Furthermore, astronaut Luca Parmitano nearly drowned during a spacewalk in 2013 when his helmet filled with water, and this occurred again just last year. Are astronauts truly in space, or are they underwater?

It is worth noting that astronauts train for spacewalks in an underwater pool with a complete ISS replica. Could it be possible that these spacewalks are filmed underwater and edited to appear as if they are in space? If so, this would be a significant revelation.

I am calling on the Brevard County Commissioners to open a full investigation into NASA’s alleged fraudulent practices and use of taxpayer dollars. The ISS costs NASA $3 billion annually to operate, and if they cannot provide a valid explanation for the inconsistencies in their footage, the public deserves to know where their tax money is being spent.

While it may seem that, as County Commissioners, you have limited power to address this issue, I urge you to remember that this is happening in your county. As public officials, you have the platform to make a statement or hold a press conference, alerting state and federal authorities to investigate further. You have the power to initiate the conversation.

I will be sending video evidence of the instances mentioned above to each of you, and I sincerely hope we can uncover the truth. Imagine reallocating the $3 billion annual budget towards veterans, the homeless, mental health initiatives, and the revitalization of Brevard County. Thank you for your time, and I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Potential Consequences and Next Steps in Uncovering NASA’s ISS Program Fraud

If further investigation confirms that NASA has been deceiving the public regarding the ISS, the consequences could be far-reaching. Trust in the organization would be severely damaged, and their credibility would be called into question. This lack of trust could result in decreased funding for NASA, hindering future space exploration efforts.

The potential misuse of taxpayer dollars might also have legal ramifications for those involved. If it is determined that fraud has been committed, criminal charges could be brought against the individuals responsible, and financial penalties might be levied against the organization.

As for the next steps in uncovering potential fraud in NASA’s ISS program, the Brevard County Commissioners should consider the following actions:

Organize a press conference: This would be an effective way to bring the issue to the public’s attention and prompt further investigation by state and federal authorities.

Request an independent investigation: By asking an independent body to investigate the allegations, the Commissioners can ensure a thorough and unbiased examination of the evidence.

Coordinate with other local governments: By collaborating with other counties where NASA operates, the Commissioners can strengthen their case and push for accountability on a larger scale.

Engage the public: Encourage concerned citizens to write letters to their representatives, urging them to take action and investigate the alleged fraud.

Demand transparency from NASA: Request that NASA provide clear and verifiable evidence to support their claims about the ISS and the authenticity of the footage.

If the investigation confirms that fraud has occurred, the next steps would include:

Holding those responsible accountable: Ensure that those involved in the deception face legal consequences for their actions.

Reallocating funds: Redirect the $3 billion annual budget towards other pressing needs, such as veterans, the homeless, mental health initiatives, and the revitalization of Brevard County.

Rebuilding trust: Implement measures to ensure transparency and accountability in future NASA projects, so that the public can regain confidence in the organization.

In conclusion, the potential fraud surrounding NASA’s ISS program demands immediate attention and thorough investigation. By taking these steps, the Brevard County Commissioners can play a critical role in uncovering the truth and ensuring that taxpayer dollars are being used responsibly.



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