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UFO SIGHTINGS CAUGHT ON CAMERA – Are we really being visited by aliens? The evidence that suggests yes

There have been numerous videos of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) caught on camera all over the world. While some people believe that these lights and objects are from another planet, others believe they are simply experimental aircraft or drones. No one knows for sure what they are, but these videos are definitely intriguing!

Here are a few UFO sighting videos that were caught on camera:

In April 2015, a man in New Mexico filmed an unidentified object flying through the air. When he zoomed in, it appeared to be shaped like a diamond and had four lights on its corners. The witness said that it looked as if the object was being followed by another light, but this light disappeared before he could film it.

This video from California looks innocent enough – at first. A blue orb can be seen flying through the sky near a mountain range, leaving a bright trail behind it. But the real UFO has been edited out – if you watch closely, you’ll see a UFO leave these glowing orbs behind instead! One UFO flies from right to left, while another UFO flies from left to right.

This video from Illinois shows a UFO flying in the night sky, leaving behind a trail of smoke or something similar. Some ufologists believe that this is proof that UFOs use propulsion systems much different than those used by humans. Also in Illinois, a similar UFO appears in this video caught on camera by a college student in May 2015. This UFO descends before disappearing into thin air.

There were also reported UFO sightings during the month of May in Kentucky and Canada. The Kentuckian UFO appeared in photographs taken near a lake and was described as being shaped like an upside-down bowl with orangey-yellow lights on its underside. The UFO in Canada was spotted near Gatineau, and also had lights on its underside that were described as “blinking red lights.”

Ufologists are certain that these UFOs are extraterrestrial because they appear to be too advanced for human technology. This man describes his UFO sighting, which occurred during the summer of 2015:

“It was like two huge discs side by side…it looked like it wasn’t moving…but I couldn’t see any form of life or windows or doors or anything.”

It is safe to say that UFOs have been spotted all over the world, but do you believe that UFOs exist?

If so, what do you think these ufos are? Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

Author’s Note: So, what do you think ufos are? They could be evidence of extraterrestrial life (aliens), they could be experimental aircraft or drones, or they might not exist at all. What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

If UFOs are not just experimental aircraft or drones, then they might be evidence of extraterrestrial life. UFO sightings have been recorded by ufologists all over the world, and most people believe that these unidentified flying objects are from another planet. What do you think?

If UFOs don’t exist at all, what is causing these strange lights in the sky to appear on camera around the world? Let us know your thoughts!

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