UFO in the form of a triangle filmed on a US aircraft carrier. UU in the Mediterranean Sea – Video with leaks

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Two years ago, the MacDill Air Force was ordered to evacuate as Hurricane Irma approached. Most of MacDill’s personnel began the evacuation when a flock of flying triangles appeared above the sky.

Many photos were taken, and after a while, a military helicopter appeared, which led people to believe that the USAF was conducting a secret operation related to Hurricane Irma.

In case you did not know, MacDill is the home of the US Special Operations Command, and according to the sources, they use advanced antigravity spacecraft.

If we look at the images we can clearly see how the UFOs resemble a triangular shape. According to the testimonies, the objects were at least 100 meters from the helicopter and about 300 meters away. The dimensions of UFOs were estimated at around 50-70 feet.

Interestingly, the UFOs that appeared in MacDill were a bit smaller than the TR-3B that operates outside of area 51. That means that the USAF is in possession of very advanced technology.

It is clear that the Special Operations Command has something to do with Irma, however, for some unknown reasons they have allowed people to see their crafts and even to record them. Is this a kind of subliminal message?

Have a look at the following video and tell us what do you think.



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