Three giant 150-mile spacecraft go to earth

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The UFO meeting has become very frequent in the 2000s, even more so because it became almost impossible to ignore only incidents from actual UFO sightings.

Special departments for air defense or other things like secret laboratories have also been successfully organized and we presented material for these claims.

We cannot exclude the possibility that secret services have already studied fragments of alien ships or even strangers, whether dead or alive. It is precisely scientists who study these things and have the obligation to share their information with us.

According to SETI, the extraterrestrial intelligent search agency, three giant ships are dangerously on our way to our planet. The largest of them is 150 miles wide. These objects were detected by the space search system HAARP, which was designed to study the phenomenon of Aurora Borealis.

Three giant 150-mile spacecraft go to earthThree giant 150-mile spacecraft go to earth 2

Three giant ships are heading toward Earth, The largest of them is 240 kilometers wide

The further explanation indicates that these objects are truly alien spacecraft and can be seen from Earth as soon as they reach orbit to Mars. The date of the ship’s assumed arrival, which will mean a historic first contact with foreign races, is expected to be July 4.

We have been visited by a foreign world

In October 2017, astronomers discovered an unknown object near the Earth. It was named ‘Oumuamua and came from a place outside the solar system. Two scientists now believe it may have been the sun sail on an alien spacecraft.

A small dot of light caused the alarm to go off

On October 19, 2017, astronomer Robert Weryk at the University of Hawaii, as usual, went through the previous night’s images from the Pan-STARRS telescope. The telescope routinely searches the night sky for unknown and possibly dangerous asteroids, and that day Weryk noticed something very unusual: A small dot of light that did not appear to be in orbit around the sun.

The following days, several other telescopes in Hawaii and Chile were aimed at the newly discovered celestial body, and all the data confirmed Wirk’s first observation: The object moved too fast and in an incorrect path to be able to descend
from our solar system.

On a trip between the stars

The focus was on finding out as much as possible about ‘Oumuamua before it was too late. The weeks after that, data flowed to Hawaii, and the information revealed that the object’s origin from a location outside the solar system was not the only thing different.

The observations showed that the interstellar guest had an unusually elongated shape. It was between 100 and 1,000 meters long, and its width was only one-tenth of its length.

The object suddenly increased its speed

Astronomers believe that many objects from other solar systems pass the Earth’s orbit each year, and have long thought that it was only a matter of time before we could see an interstellar object. Previous observations in our solar system meant that the scientists considered it to be a comet.

At first, it was also believed that ‘Oumuamua was a comet. Comets mainly consist of ice and dust, and when they get close to the sun, they get a so-called coma of evaporated ice and swirling dust.

Asteroids and comets have an average speed of 70,000 km / h but ‘Oumuamua traveled at just over 300,000 km / h. The high velocity meant that it was not trapped in an orbit around the sun but continued out of the solar system again after the sun’s gravity bent off its orbit.



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