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The Moon was brought here million years ago by two Reptilian brothers, Wowane and Mpanku

It is in our human nature to question everything we know and to make assumptions or to question certain aspects of our lives that we took for granted so many times. One of these issues is related to the moon. We all know that the moon is the satellite on our planet Earth.

The moon was brought here a million years ago

What is not clear is whether it is a natural satellite or an artificial satellite. It may sound silly, but according to new research, many experts have concluded that something is wrong with the moon.

According to experts, the moon rotates around the earth, and that’s fine, there is only one problem. The moon seems to constantly show the same face as it rotates, which completely breaks down already known physics laws.

And there is one more thing: The size of the moon in relation to the size of the earth would make it impossible for our planet to hold the moon in gravity around it. In addition, a new study realized that when Apollo 11 landed on the moon in 1969, the satellite surface did not vibrate, which is what it should have happened if the moon is natural.

Reptilian brothers, Wowane and Mpanku

With regard to all this news about the possible nature of the moon, many investigators firmly believe that the moon has been placed in the orbit of the earth by other alien races such as the so-called Reptilians to “spy” our civilization.

According to Zulu Shaman, the moon was brought here hundreds of generations ago by Wowane and Mpanku, two brothers who were leaders of the aforementioned Reptilians. These two were known as the Water Brothers and contained a fishy skin. It is impossible for us not to make a parallelism between these beings and the Mesopotamian and Sumerian views related to Anunnaki.

Zulu goes on to tell how these two brothers “stole” the moon from the large fire dragon and emptied it until it eventually turned into an empty shell. Then the moon “rolled” across the universe to the earth to bring disaster and destruction with it. Devastating events that ended the “golden age” of history.

Before these tragic events, the earth was a beautiful and idyllic place, nothing compared to what it turned out to be after the lunar arrival.

According to this theory, the moon changed the rotation and angle of the earth, and women began to menstruate – which was not the case before.

Zulu finally confirms that the moon was brought here to keep an eye on people and also serve as a vehicle for traveling across the universe.

The moon is considered the mother ship of Reptilians, which can be used as a refuge in the event of any major disaster.

The idea of an artificial moon is not new. It was first proposed in the 1930s, when it seemed like every other day there were talks about how bad smog and light pollution were becoming, threatening to darken our planet for good. There are still some people who think that the Moon’s departure from Earth left a hole in the sky which only an artificial replacement can fill. The latest iteration of this theory is called “Project Loon” which envisions sending up dozens or even hundreds of helium balloons into the stratosphere above one region on Earth, then using them to project Internet signals down below. Project Loon has been criticized by many experts for its high cost and limited range, but proponents say it could be used as a last resort in areas where there is no other Internet access.

Interestingly, the idea of a man-made moon goes back centuries before the 1930s. The first mention of it was in the ancient Chinese text, The Book of Changes, which was written 3,000 years ago. According to the text, the Moon was artificially created by two brothers, Wowane and Mpanku, who were Reptilian beings from the underground world of Agharta. Their superiors had commissioned them to find a planet that could serve as the new home for the Moon after it had abandoned Earth.

The idea of an artificial moon has been around for centuries. The first mention is from a 3,000-year-old Chinese text called the Book of Changes which tells about how two Reptilian brothers, Wowane and Mpanku were commissioned to find a planet that would serve as the new home for the Moon after it had abandoned Earth.

They eventually found a suitable world inhabited by primitive beings who worshiped and revered the Moon as a deity. The Reptilians convinced these people to build temples in their honor with advanced technology by using telepathic mind control over them—Wowane and Mpanku spent many years on this planet overseeing construction before they left when humans discovered it 2XXX. This story parallels modern-day discussions about Project Loon, which plans on using balloons to project Internet signals to the world, particularly hard-to-reach places.

Critics have said that this is not a viable solution because it would be too expensive and have a limited range. Some believe that the hole created by the Moon’s departure could only be filled with an artificial replacement.

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