The Lost Cities of Antarctica – Fallen Angels Alive in Antarctica?

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There’s a place on Earth that’s been shrouded in mystery for centuries. It’s a land of ice and snow, where the sun never shines, and the darkness is eternally complete. This place is called Antarctica. For many years, people have believed that there was more to this frozen continent than meets the eye… and they may be right. Because according to some researchers, Antarctica is home to a number of lost cities that are inhabited by fallen angels! How do we know this?

Well, let’s take a look…

As it turns out, Antarctica is home to a number of things that are forbidden in the Bible.

So if these behaviors aren’t allowed in Heaven, then maybe that’s why these fallen angels are being punished by being sent to Antarctica.

Additionally, some researchers have found out that Antarctica is home to the Queen of Sheba! According to them, she didn’t disappear… she simply went underground, and is now living in a palace beneath the ice of Antarctica!

What’s more, is that people have also seen what appears to be angels in the sky over Antarctica. In fact, there are eyewitness accounts all throughout history, such as this excerpt from an 1820 expedition:

“At two o’clock we saw very plainly three mountain ranges of ice; we could also perceive that they were rather of an oblong than a square form and that the middlemost was considerably higher than the other two… we saw something like luminous clouds through a very thick fog and heard a noise like distant thunder.”

Revelations 21:8 tells us that Heaven is “pure, immaculate” so if these mountains are in Heaven, then according to researchers, it’s possible that they are made of ice!

But how is this possible? How can there be ice in Heaven?! Well, if Antarctica is being used as a place of imprisonment for fallen angels, then it wouldn’t need to have perfect weather year-round! It would only need to be cold enough that the angels couldn’t escape.

And finally, many people have captured photos of what appears to be a humanoid creature with wings. Here are some examples:

Some people believe that this is just an albatross, but isn’t it possible that something other than animals could have made their way to Heaven? After all, the Bible tells us in multiple places (such as Ezekiel 32:2) about the “beast” which God has chosen to punish the angels with.

So what do you think? Is it possible for fallen angels to still be alive today… in Antarctica?!


1. Introduce the topic of lost cities in Antarctica

There is a lot of speculation about what might be hidden in Antarctica. Some believe that it is the location of ancient, lost cities that have been buried under the ice for centuries. Others claim that it is home to secret government labs or even extraterrestrial beings.

2. Talk about some evidence for lost cities in Antarctica

There are some lost cities in Antarctica, but not in the way you might think. There is evidence within the scientific community that there were once thriving civilizations in Antarctica. This civilization lived during the time when all of Earth was warm, and millions of years before the last ice age began. The current theory is that these people migrated away from their homes in Antarctica, either because of climate change or another natural disaster.

3. Talk about eyewitness reports and pictures of angel-looking creatures in Antarctica

People have been searching for the truth of this theory, and here’s what they’ve found out so far: there have been some sightings of angels off the coast of Antarctica, and there have been pictures taken of a giant humanoid-like figure with wings on a cliff-side. As it turns out, this creature was actually a penguin! But hey, who knows? Maybe we’ll find out one day that these stories are true after all!

Thank you for reading this article! I hope that you enjoyed learning about the possibility of fallen angels being alive in Antarctica! If you did enjoy it!


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