The ISS Camera Capture a Giant Triangular Object Above Earth

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Hi, I watched this video and asked a lot of questions. I know the first impressions are, why they look like this. we expect when we see a shooting with aliens to be 4k. That’s how we all want to be, let’s remember the filming captured by the US government in a project that invested millions of dollars.

It’s not my job to judge, but I want to watch this video and express your opinion. I know many are false, but if I sit on the windows in the evening and look at the sky and see something, I will shoot the phone immediately as soon as I can. I don’t think anyone has mounted a shooting system ready to meet the alien ship. Thank you for joining me and do not forget to share this post to support our project. Thank you!

On May 26, something strange was captured by the International Space Station’s webcam. It was a big white object flying through the clouds. It is quite easy to confuse the object with the clouds, however, if you pay attention, you will clarify that this is something completely different. At least this is what ufologists say.

The object is flat and triangular. As we all know, clouds can’t have that kind of shape, so the bottom line is that we’re dealing with an unidentified flying object disguised as a cloud.

The ISS Camera Capture a Giant Triangular Object Above Earth 2

Besides, this theory of alien ships disguised as clouds is nothing new at all. In fact, there are theories that aliens create some kind of intelligent or “sensitive” clouds to keep an eye on us, but they also help give us some sign of their existence.

If these alien creatures have the ability to create natural elements, then we are closer to God than we have seen.

The International Space Station (ISS) cameras captured a mysterious giant triangular object hovering above Earth, sparking global debates and theories. The object’s unusual design and lack of visible propulsion systems have left experts baffled.

Theories range from top-secret government projects to extraterrestrial life. Despite extensive analysis, the origin and purpose of the enigmatic craft remain unknown, fueling curiosity and interest in the cosmos and the potential existence of life beyond our planet.

These incidents, often unexplained or surrounded by uncertainty

In general, such mysterious events captured by cameras or observed by people around the world captivate our imagination and spark curiosity about the unknown. These incidents, often unexplained or surrounded by uncertainty, encourage us to question our understanding of the universe and challenge the limits of our knowledge. They serve as reminders that there is still much to explore and discover in the cosmos, and they inspire us to continue seeking answers to life’s most enigmatic mysteries.




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