The Pentagon’s greatest secret revealed by inside information: “The Anunnaki are returning to Earth”

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Today we said to talk a little about these mysterious people, a people with a mysterious name. Today I came across a documentary and I was inspired to write about them. I want to find a balance together.

“The Anunnaki are returning to Earth”

The ancient Sumerians also had records of Primitive beings “lulu Amelu” who evolved. They talked about conflicts between Anunnaki about mining, which led to breeding or cloning from these evolved beings on earth with Shaggies also known as Enkiduites who were creatures covered with fur from other galaxies (your “Big Foot”); and then even the splicing of genes by one of Anunnaki called NINTI to put a divine intellect into the creatures called the adamites.

The 300 Anunnaki ruled by Enki was divided into 7 tribes or 7 countries:
1. Sippar
2. Kish
3. Kutha
4. Shuruppak
5. Uruk
6. Isin
7. Eridu And their capital were Node.

Their original purpose here was to break gold.

According to a Pentagon source, the Anunnaki are returning to Earth. Stan Deyo claims that the Sumerian gods are returning to our planet.

Anunnaki is linked to comets Ison and Encke. With two known celestial objects, one may wonder why these two comets received these particular names.

The word “on” is associated with the word “an” (pronounced “on”), as Anunnaki and one of its leading leaders, Anu.

I know they are complicated names that must be read carefully, but they are part of our history. Or in the history of a long-lived nation.

Encke was a Sumerian god named Ea (that’s why our planet would be called Earth). At the same time, Enki was the deity of craftsmanship, mischief, water, intelligence, and creation.

I think this short lesson of history is also for our newest fans, and to understand it.

However, many people notice a number of anomalies in the sky that we can only interpret as UFOs as there are no stars or planets in that particular area of the sky. In addition, according to many reports, these UFOs change their color and size.

If these comets are really Anunnaki spaceships, then it’s natural for the government to cover the fact that these features are approaching our planet.

But in doing so, they only keep us ignorant, believing that we are alone in the universe.



The Pentagon’s greatest secret revealed by inside information: “The Anunnaki are returning to Earth”

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