The Fate of American Astronauts Who Refused to “fly to the moon” on the Hills of Hollywood (videos)

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The Fate of American Astronauts

The following video shows how the Americans traveled to the moon in the hills of Hollywood. This is a big blow to the Americans as they are very proud of their journey to the moon. Below you have 2 videos to prove that the moon landings were forged.

At the same time, according to the Daily Star, the astronauts of Apollo died in 1967 when the rocket was launched. These were Virgil Grissom. Roger Chaffee and Edward Higgins White.

Although no one believes this, the video below was directed by Stanley Kubrick and shot all at once, three days before his “elimination” in March 1999.

Who Refused to “fly to the moon” on the Hills of Hollywood

According to sources, these people would travel to the moon. But when they learned that the mission was going to take place in the Hollywood mountains, they refused to participate. Virgil Grissom even threatened NASA to tell reporters about it.

Another member who was “eliminated” under strange circumstances was Thomas Byron, who was preparing a report to the US Congress on the causes of Apollo 1. And all who succeeded, they remained silent. The rest of the story is widely known: sometimes late, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin “traveled to the moon” in Apollo 11.

In fact, according to Virgil Grissom, according to the people around him, he was characterized by pathological intolerance of every lie, which enabled him to become an astronaut.

Do you think Americans travel to the moon? Much material has been written about this event both denying it and supporting it.

This is a very bad article. It is a long list of incoherent records, of which very few have any cited sources. Many of these are extremely trivial with absolutely no noteworthy, and some have only transient relevance to “Apollo Hoax”, in a link that is only the opinion of the contributing author. Seriously, I can’t imagine anyone trying to read this article or gather any knowledge from it.

What it needs is to cut down to at least a quarter of its size, proper citation and any kind of indication of the place “Apollo Hoax” has in popular culture.


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