Antarctica’s dark and mysterious secrets revealed

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Antarctica full of mysteries, when we do not know anything, when we do not see anything, the mystery creates say, skeptics. Today we are heading our attention to this mysterious area where people have always searched for answers. Places that hide answers to our questions.

What’s your question about Antarctica?

Antarctica hides many mysteries behind its thick layers of ice. Apparently, the ruins of an ancient city were recently discovered on the icy continent.

A team of California reporters conducted a mission to report on some ruins discovered in Antarctica. The crew disappeared and the U.S. Navy confiscated material revealing massive archaeological buildings about two miles below the ice.

Historians claim that during World War II, the Nazis traveled to Antarctica and experimented with advanced technology. Does that mean they found extraterrestrial technology when they got there?

Antarctica's dark and mysterious secrets revealed 2

The conspirators claim to have uncovered evidence of numerous military vehicles protecting a mysterious UFO crash site that has been discovered in Antarctica.

Watch the video below to see 7 of Antarctica’s darkest mysteries and feel free to share your thoughts with us.


Antarctica’s dark

Glaciers in parts of Antarctica that were thought to remain stable have melted rapidly since 2009. A group of researchers wrote that in the journal Science, which appeared on Thursday. The water level is rising to dangerous heights for coasts and cities from New York to Shanghai, the scientists say. Satellite images taken between 2002 and 2010 show that the size of the glaciers remained about the same, but since 2009 it has been different. This is possibly due to changes in wind directions and currents in oceans. These are glaciers in a coastal strip of around 750 kilometers. The thaw of the glaciers ensures that the seawater level increases by 0.16 millimeters annually. The total increase is around 3 millimeters per year.


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