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The craziest Mother Nature moments caught on camera

mothernature 758x426 - The craziest Mother Nature moments caught on camera

We all know the crazy, insane things that Mother Nature does on a regular basis. We can see it in our own backyards, and we’ve seen it happening around the world. And yet, for some reason, when we watch someone else’s video of nature doing its thing – whether they’re filming a sloth being rescued from a flood or an animal invading their backyard pool – we still find ourselves saying “WOW!” What is it about these moments that make them so much more impressive than what happens right outside your window? The answer may surprise you!

Here are five reasons why Mother Nature makes us go WOW:

1) She doesn’t care about you and your problems. All she cares about is her business and her business only. What are you doing? Get out of that stream, or I’ll slap you with a fish!

2) She doesn’t go on mood swings. No one knows why she’s capable of pulling off some pretty amazing feats, but at least we know that she always pulls through. Even when her “thankless job” gets put to the test by humans who don’t listen to warnings about floods, tsunamis, and other natural disasters.

3) She bores easily – so this isn’t going to last long! If she was hanging around for too long while people were trying to get their Instagram selfies, then all hell would break loose. Instead, Mother Nature goes in for the kill before your brain even has time to process what’s going on.

4) She’s a boss, and she knows it! No one is going to tell her how to do her job, no matter if they’re doing something that would be deemed “foolish” in normal human terms. Mother Nature doesn’t work with fools – only the strong survive her wrath. That means you should never play chicken with a mountain lion or try to rescue a sloth from a flood… even though you totally want to because seeing other people do these things makes for some pretty amazing viral videos.

5) All of this craziness happens quickly and quietly – without warning! You could be staring at your phone while getting ready for work or enjoying a lazy summer day at the pool when suddenly something or someone appears in your backyard. You know that this is Mother Nature showing off, but you still can’t stop yourself from screaming “HOLY SH*T!” when it all goes down.

Now that you’ve seen the five reasons why Mother Nature makes us go WOW, enjoy these viral moments caught on camera!

1) This mountain lion doesn’t just invade a family’s backyard pool – she does it with style and grace. Who says that big cats don’t like to swim? Not this girl! When an animal invades your space, there’s really nothing else to do than scream for dear life, so everyone knows how scared you are. And then laugh about it later when you realize how ridiculous it was…

2) Sometimes Mother Nature’s tricks are just that – tricks. When a sloth gets stuck in a tree during flooding, it seems like he should have been rescued. And yet the people who try to rescue him get more than their fair share of scares when they realize that this poor creature probably would have let himself drown before ever thinking about letting someone else take control!

3) This is totally crazy… but totally awesome! A woman goes out of her way to jump on a golf cart while heading for cover from a hurricane. There’s no doubt that she thought she was doing something amazing and scary – but Mother Nature had other plans. Over 30 years later, this video has become famous because everyone can see how frustrating it must have been to try and accomplish something meaningful when Mother Nature was determined to show you that she’s in charge.

4) Sometimes Mother Nature has a sense of humor! When people are trying to rescue a sloth, and it decides to jump off and swim away, no one laughs harder than Mother Nature. People were supposed to be the weird ones in this clip – not the sloths who can’t catch a break from all this craziness…

5) This is what we call “the cherry on top”! While everyone else worries about Mother Nature coming up with ways to kill them, two guys worry about how they’re going to get home without help. And then just when they think they’re totally screwed, an animal appears out of nowhere, and they have a new ride for the rest of their lives. Mother Nature loves stealing people’s thunder – especially since these two idiots were totally going to try and steal her power!

As far as Mother Nature is concerned, humans are just another part of an ecosystem that has been in place for hundreds of years. While we may think that we’re the smartest species on Earth, there’s no doubt that Mother Nature knows better… even when you don’t see her coming!

About me: I’m a mother who enjoys writing about parenting and other related topics, including mental health and wellness issues. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family while trying to maintain some sort of sense of normalcy. Oh, and I love dolphins!

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