10 Rare Alien Species Never Seen – The Most Unique Races of the Alien Universe

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The 10 unique races of the Alien Universe. This article will explore a few of the many species that have been featured in popular science-fiction media today. We’ll start with one from an old favorite: Star Trek! The Vulcan is a humanoid race, whose ancestors were refugees from Earth’s ancient nuclear wars. They reside primarily on their planet Vulcan and have strong emotional control, logic skills, and affinity to mathematics.

10 Rare Alien Species Never Seen 

Next, we’ll look at some other extraterrestrial beings including Klingons who are warlike humanoids who inhabit the Klingon homeworld Qo’noS. We also can’t forget about our friends from Doctor Who – or Time Lords as they prefer to be called – because they come in all shapes and sizes too!

Looking for a race that is different from the rest?

Alien races can be found all over the universe, but these 10 are some of the unique. From gray-skinned people to those who have two heads, there’s an alien race for everyone!

1) The Aliens in Signs

They look human and have been known to abduct humans on Earth. They were first reported in 1947 after a man named W.W. Brazel discovered wreckage near his ranch which he called “strange.” The US Army Air Corps sent personnel to investigate and they found what appeared to be pieces of a flying saucer as well as small humanoid bodies with large heads and eyes that seemed too big for their height.


2) Kryptonians

Kryptonians are not the typical green Alien that one would expect. They’re quite human-like, and Superman’s father actually looked like a normal man with brown hair and eyes! But they do have special abilities such as flight, laser vision, superhuman strength…and let’s not forget heat breath! Kryptonite is known to weaken them and even kill them. They’re not necessarily Alien races, but they do originate from the planet Krypton, and because of that, we’ll include them!

3) The Asari, from Mass Effect

The Asari are known for their blue skin and strong psychic abilities, which they use to control the minds of other Alien races. They also reproduce through a special kind of “pseudo-conception” where an Asari can form a link with another being who provides genetic material necessary to create offspring! The resulting child even has traits from both parents. They’re also known for their seductive nature, and it’s even said that they can mate with an Alien race, which may explain why there are many Asari in the Alien universe!


4) The Changelings from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

This race was originally discovered by the U.S.S. Enterprise in the Gamma Quadrant, but after it had been attacked and breached, Starfleet lost contact with them for some time. While this alien race doesn’t have an official name like most of the others on this list (they are simply referred to as “The Founders” by the Vorta race), they are known as shapeshifters who can take on any form. They have a tendency to use their ability for evil, most notably when they replaced several high-ranking Federation officials with Changelings in an effort to destabilize relations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.


5) Humans.

– Humans do not have any special abilities, but they can be found in almost every Alien movie. They are often the main characters and help to bridge relations between other races. The Human race was created by Joss Whedon for his Alien Resurrection film, which he also wrote and directed.

6) Thermians

The Thermians are a race of Alien creatures that emit from the planet Omicron Theta. Because they have never been exposed to other Alien races, they do not understand some social norms and boundaries. Their technologically advanced culture leads them to be very trusting of those who visit their planet as well as those seeking help with locating planets or resources that could aid them in their search.

6) Mon Calamari

Coming in two forms, the Mon Calamari are squid-like people with large eyes and webbed hands. They have many subspecies which you’ll get to read more about if you click through! The other form is known as ‘The Quarren’ who are fish-like people that live on their own planet called ‘Quarra’. They are also very advanced in the technological sense.

10 Rare Alien Species Never Seen - The Most Unique Races of the Alien Universe 2

7) Orion Alien

The Orion Alien is a large, green-skinned race that lives between both shadow and light of their home planet of ‘Orion III.’ Their skin emits an orange glow due to its exposure to ultraviolet radiation from two suns. This makes them a very popular alien for Alien themed parties.

8) Bolians

Known to have two heads, Bolians are blue-skinned with light orangish hair and brown eyes. They often times wear hats as they need protection from the sun on their home planet of Bolarus IX which is known for having ultra hot days!

9) Betazoids

The Betazoid Alien r and ace have two arms, hands and legs just like humans. They are known for the header light pink skin which is covered with patches of darker red or brown spots. Their most notable feature is that they possess telepathic ability theirs allowing them to read minds if needed! With these powers, they can also get very deep into people’s minds and find out what they are thinking!


The Alien race known as Bynars have a humanoid shape but with some notable differences. They stand only about three feet tall, their eyes move around

their heads like a pair of binoculars and their mouths are in the palm of each hand! It’s not known what Alien race they originated from, but these guys make it work.

The Alien Races presented in this article are unique, but what makes them even more fantastic is the fact that they exist! The Alien Universe can be an amazing place.

Conclusion: Alien races are unique and fun to read about! They make for great characters around which stories can revolve. Alien races exist in a number of universes, and can be found all throughout popular culture!

The Alien Races presented in this article are unique, but what makes them even more fantastic is the fact that they exist!


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