Strange phenomenon in the sky of Russia: Images of “pillars of light” were published by residents of several cities

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Mysterious “pillars of light” baffle residents of Russia

Residents of several Russian cities were recently left baffled by a strange phenomenon in the that appeared as pillars of light. The strange lights were captured on camera by residents and published online, with many people wondering what they could be. Some say it’s a sign from God, others say it’s a UFO, but no one knows for sure what’s causing these strange lights in the sky.

So far, there is no scientific explanation for the phenomenon and it remains a mystery. However, that hasn’t stopped people from speculating about what could be causing it. Some believe that the pillars of light are actually beams of energy being emitted from space, while others think they could be a sign of otherworldly activity. Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that this is a strange and unexplained phenomenon.

What could these strange lights in the sky be?

The Peresvet laser gun is one of the six new strategic Russian weapons revealed by President Putin in 2018.

Mentioning this weapon at his annual State Of The Nation Address, he said it would be used for both air defense and fighting against satellite tumors. Some have speculated that the strange light phenomenon could be this weapon in action, but there has been no official confirmation of this.

If it is the Peresvet, then it’s likely that these lights are simply a side effect of its operation and not anything more sinister. However, until we have official confirmation, the mystery of the strange light phenomenon in the sky of Russia remains unsolved.

Is this a UFO?

Some UFO enthusiasts are convinced that this is proof of extra-terrestrial life, but without official confirmation, it’s hard to say for sure what these lights are. As exciting as it may be to think that we’re being visited by aliens, it’s probably more likely that there’s a more mundane explanation for these lights.

Whatever they are, they’re definitely causing a stir online, with people sharing pictures of the strange phenomenon online. Let’s hope we get a soon as to what these lights are!

The mysterious light that appeared in the sky of Russia for 11 seconds, that scared people. How is the phenomenon explained?


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