Researcher on UFO visit: “Enough evidence” – ALIENS

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According to the experienced nuclear physicist, there are strong reasons why the alien’s visit is darkened, both by themselves and the government.

A mysterious light shone brightly over large parts of Sweden recently, which first caused the police to grope in the dark before receiving its explanation.

In other words, we didn’t have to worry about visits from creepy aliens at that time either.

Someone who, on the other hand, is fully convinced that we have actually already been visited by aliens, is Canadian scientist and nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman.


He believes that our planet has been visited repeatedly by aliens, but that they simply have no plans to reveal their existence yet.

According to Friedman, visits by governments and security authorities around the world are dark.

– We have enough evidence to prove beyond doubt that the Earth is visited by aliens.

– But if the aliens want to make their way, it’s easy – and they will, Stanton continues.

The 82-year-old researcher is a front figure in the UFO movement and has worked on a number of secretly stamped investigations.

Researcher on UFO visit

His theory is that the aliens choose to stay in the cloud mouth to eventually colonize us earthlings and prevent us from populating other planets. Friedman believes that it is simply because we humans have proven that we are evil.



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