1964 Full Alien Interview – Project Blue Book

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Project Blue Book was one of a series of systematic studies of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) conducted by the United States Air Force. It started in 1952, and it was the third study of its kind (the first two were projects Sign (1947) and Grudge (1949)). A termination order was given for the study in December 1969, and all activity under its auspices ceased in January 1970.

The project’s key goal was to determine if UFO reports represented technological developments or could be explained as identifications of natural phenomena, hoaxes, or psychological delusions.

From 1947 until December 1969, Project Blue Book had 1223 cases that were thoroughly investigated (generally using checksums that were subdivided into about 40 categories). Of these, 701 (about 58%) remained “unknowns”. However, of the 916 cases that were identified, many could be explained as conventional phenomena (such as meteors or light aberrations) or conventional aircraft.

A small percentage of UFO cases were never solved because of limited information and few details. Among some better-known accounts in Project Blue Book was the Beverly Hills Saucer nestled in Santa Monica Mountains over Southern California; a radar/visual incident involving an F-94 near Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey; aliens reportedly attacking livestock on a farm near Fargo, North Carolina; and aliens reportedly kidnapping a human female on a beach at Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin.

During the course of the project, the Air Force interviewed several thousand witnesses in complete privacy. A few people were given polygraph examinations, but none of these tests produced significant results.

Project Blue Book employed three full-time investigators that each spent a great deal of time sorting through UFO reports that had been sent in by military personnel, pilots, and police officers around the country. They also checked against known aircraft flights, weather balloons, etc. The job got pretty mundane at times with months passing without anything extraordinary happening.      There are some interesting cases written up in this book which I will share with you soon but for now, here is an actual interview between aliens and humans during their investigation back in 1964.


Q: What type of assistance do you provide?

A: Well mainly what you weather control, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and nuclear devices, we have prevented many disasters from happening.

Q: What type of work do aliens perform on our planet?

A: We have been known to help with, astronomy , art , architecture , farming, fishing, hunting etc …

Are you involved in the daily lives of humans ?

A: Yes but not like you think we’re mainly around watching and observing your interaction with each other in public places (crowded areas) shopping malls sporting events etc…


Dr Hynek why do aliens go into busy areas for observation ?

A: So that they can blend in easily with everyone else who is there minding their own business. They don’t want to come across as aliens that’s for sure so they blend in nicely.

Q: Do aliens have contact with humans on the surface?

A: Yes many aliens visit you here on your planet. You can tell when someone is not from here if their skin is pale white or greyish in color, they are aliens and some of them look like us (humans) but most often they will be wearing clothes that cover up what they really look like to avoid any problems with panic especially when entering public places, they usually wear casual everyday type clothing even in sport arenas sometimes because it makes them look more human.


Dr Hynek; how long do aliens stay here before returning home ?

A: Usually around 6 months to a year and we don’t travel in space for very long because of the time difference between this planet and ours , that’s why aliens visit here to see how you are doing and to monitor your progress.

Q: What do aliens eat?

A: We can survive on most anything people eat here but mostly we like fresh meats, vegetables, seafood etc…

Dr Hynek do aliens prefer our food or theirs ?

A: Usually their own foods taste better than ours if they like what we eat here. Our bodies can use both though so it really does not matter where we go we feel at home eating either one actually.

Q: Why are aliens so interested in our planet ?

A: Because it is a part of this universe and this universe was created for all life to exist in, not just one planet.

Q: Do aliens have the same feelings as humans?

A: Yes but we don’t have children here or any family unit because we are responsible for other planets besides our own so we stay busy monitoring their environment also along with yours.

Q: Why do aliens monitor Earth so closely ?

A: Any place in the universe where life exists is important to us and your planet is no different than any other life bearing planet in the universe, don’t forget you are only temporary visitors here just like aliens who visit here are also guests on this planet.

Q: Dr Hynek aliens have been seen as far back as 1992, why don’t aliens land on the surface?

A: Well because it has been a rule not to interfere with your progress and you’re doing fine so we haven’t come out of the skies yet but that day is getting closer all the time.


                  How close are aliens to making contact?

A: Well sooner than you think, by 2013 I believe if not before because aliens will make sure nothing happens to prevent us from coming out finally and meeting you here on the surface.       Q: Will aliens eat humans when they do visit us?

A: No I didn’t say that or mean it aliens don’t eat other aliens or humans because we are all the same, there is no difference between aliens and humans only in the way we look.

Q: Do aliens have a religion?

A: No, but we do believe in something greater than ourselves though.

Q: How long do aliens live?

A: Well it’s difficult to answer that question because not all aliens live on this planet some live on other planets also so it really depends where you happen to be living when you ask the question and I can tell you for sure our life spans here are longer than yours because of our environment and what we eat etc…



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