Personal experiences with UFO sightings or Alien encounters

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Personal experiences with UFO sightings or alien encounters


Have you ever seen a UFO or an alien? If so, please share your story with us. We’d like to hear about it!

Please share your experiences with a UFO sighting or alien encounter


The purpose of this form is to collect as many personal experiences with UFO sightings or alien encounters as possible. I’m interested in seeing how many people have experienced these things and what they’ve seen, where they saw it, their reaction, how it made them feel and what they did after. It would also be nice if you could share any feelings about the experience before or after (if this was not your first time seeing something of that nature). Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this survey!

One woman says she was abducted by aliens at age seven

I was seven years old when I was taken by aliens. They had long arms and big heads and large eyes, like in the movie E.T., except they were green. It was nighttime, and they took me to their spaceship which looked like a flying saucer that landed just outside my hometown of Clarksdale, Mississippi. My grandmother (she died before I could ask her about this) told me that she saw them take me up into the sky in their ship, like a beam of light being sucked upward by its own gravitational field.

Another housewife from New York City said she saw her husband being abducted one night while he slept! The next morning, she discovered blood stains on his face where there should have been scratches or wounds from fighting off whatever tried taking him away (but obviously failed). This happened back in 1997, so I can’t verify anything but would love to find out if anyone else ever experienced anything similar!

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A man says he saw a triangular craft in the woods near his house

A man says he saw a triangular craft in the woods near his house.

He had been out for a walk and was on the way back home. He came to a fork in the path, and he decided to go left instead of right. This was when it happened: a triangular craft appeared out of nowhere behind him and started following him through the forest. He got scared and ran away as fast as he could, but it kept following him until it disappeared around some trees and into dense undergrowth at the edge of an open field.

He didn’t tell anyone about this experience until decades later when we were talking about UFOs over dinner one evening with friends who wanted to hear our stories—and share theirs! They asked if there was anything we’d seen personally that made us believe in UFOs or aliens; although I hadn’t witnessed anything myself yet (I’m still waiting!), my friend told them about his experience with this craft that followed him through the woods until it disappeared into dense undergrowth at an open field’s edge…

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A woman describes being chased by a flying object in her backyard

You were running along the beach, and a flying object appeared in front of you. You had never seen anything like it before. As soon as you saw it, you knew something was wrong with this object—it wasn’t supposed to be here.

You started to run away from the object as fast as possible, but it seemed determined to follow you. It flew right behind your shoulder, always keeping its distance but never letting up on its pursuit of your person.

You thought about what might happen if the thing caught up with you: would they take over? Would they kill me? Those thoughts terrified me more than any other outcome could have done at that moment; I felt like a cornered animal being chased by an unseen predator who was intent on consuming my flesh and blood (if only metaphorically).

Fortunately for both myself and mankind in general (or so I hoped at least), when I made it home safely from my ordeal, I found no evidence of an alien presence or activity within fifteen meters radius around my property’s boundaries nor did anyone report seeing any unusual objects or behaviors during their respective work days either before or after this incident occurred.”

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Aliens seem to be real and UFOs exist.

Aliens seem to be real. UFOs exist. Aliens are not from Earth, they’re not from our Solar System, and they’re not even from our galaxy. So how do you explain this?

Well, it all starts with the Big Bang Theory. According to the Big Bang Theory, everything in our universe was created during a single moment in time including every planet and star system in existence today. This means that aliens must have been around before this event took place — otherwise, they would have been destroyed along with everything else when expansion started!


I hope you enjoyed reading about these personal experiences with alien encounters and UFO sightings. If you’d like to share your own story with us, please leave a comment below!


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