This Guy Has To Pay Taxes For Solar Energy He Generates Himself

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Pay Taxes For Solar Energy

Kris Currie wanted to be independent and not pay any taxes on energy bills. As a consequence, he decided to transform his house into an energy complex. But surprisingly, he still has to pay taxes.

Currie built his home in New Dominion, Canada, so that every aspect of it generated energy.

But the man was in for a shock that he got a bill for the energy he had produced through his home.


Homes were built specifically to create energy

Currie built his home in New Dominion, Prince Edward Island in Canada so that every aspect of it created energy. He had a dream not to pay any taxes to the government for the energy he used which he had done himself. But the man was in for a shock because he received an invoice for the tax on every kilowatt-hour he had produced through his home when he was producing it himself.

The Nurr home that Currie built made him think he wouldn’t have to pay the tax, but he was still charged harmonized VAT, HST. This meant that even though he didn’t have to pay anything for his energy bills, Currie still had to pay a tax every month despite having no fees.

Currie went on to explain that he used that electricity for heat. According to Currie, the installation is just one of the government’s many systems to try to prevent people from living off-line.

In case you haven’t noticed, recently the US stopped people from building their own environmentally friendly homes.

Kris Currie spent more than $ 46,000 building his solar panel house so he wouldn’t be charged for energy bills, but all his effort was in vain.


This guy has to pay taxes for solar energy he generates himself.

I found out that the IRS says I owe them $5,000 because I generated my own electricity with solar panels on my roof. The government is treating me like a utility company and taxing me accordingly! They say this makes sense because they want to incentivize people to buy their own power from utilities–not generate it themselves.

But if you do the math, the government thinks I should be paying about $6,400 in taxes annually (plus interest) but instead of making payments on that debt for 10 years, they’re asking me to make all those payments upfront before April 15th. If not–they’ll try to take it out of next year.

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The man asks a valid question: “Why am I taxed on the solar energy I generate myself?”

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