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Some of the Church leaves homeless people to sleep in – The Gubbio Project’s Vision

The Gubbio Project’s Vision

It is winter and in some areas of the globe, it is cold. Thousands of homeless people die every year. Today we thought of greeting the Gubbio Project, a project that opens the church doors at night.

We welcome this initiative of the church, which saves thousands of people every night throughout the world.

15 years ago the Church of San Boniface in San Francisco decided to open the doors for the first time for people who have nowhere to sleep. This initiative was followed by other churches.

“Being in community with and providing sacred space and sanctuary for uninhabited people who need a safe and compassionate respite during the day.”

Two out of three churches are reserved for the Gubbio Project. This is wonderful and uplifting. At the same time, the church remains a place of prayer and worship for the faithful.

I know you are afraid of street people and you think it is dangerous for them to sleep in the church. But over 95% of those surveyed said that there is a safe place and you can sleep without worry.

The Gubbio project is trying to bring everyone closer together and treats everyone equally. Everyone feels safe and respected.

Respect gives you confidence, which is why I invite you to do it with respect when you address a homeless person. Use “Sir or Lady”. Help the one next to you. Trust them and this way you will help improve the relationships between humans. Maybe someone thinks twice before doing the wrong thing. Maybe that’s how you save a life!


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