Image: © INAH – A 2000-year-old green Serpentine mask, discovered at the base of a pyramid in Mexico

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A detailed greenstone mask discovered under the sun’s pyramid in Mexico can be a portrait of a particular person.

Mexico an area with strong archeology, or an old history wanted by the beautiful. I have seen this article today and are encouraged to understand and impose a printed view on how it can become an attraction for tourists from all over the world.

This latest discovery of an international ring is presented to us by the most famous sites in the field.

(Image: © INAH) A detailed greenstone mask discovered beneath the Mexican Pyramid of the Sun can be a portrait of a particular person.

Located in the northeast region of Mexico, the Pyramid of the sun is the largest structure in Teotihuacan. This site-is dated since 100 B.C. historians believed that the city had been inhabited for hundreds of years and that the famous pyramid structure would probably have been built around 100 d.Hr.

source: Wikipedia –  View of Pyramid of the Moon from Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan

The name of the Pyramid of the sun originates from the Aztecs, who visited Teotihuacan for centuries after being abandoned; The name given by the pyramid by Teotihuacanos is not known. It was built in two phases. The first stage of construction, around the year 100 EC, brought the pyramid to almost the size it has today.

The researchers also found two offerings, one containing the green mask and another offering, at the base of the pyramid, “so we know it was deposited as part of a dedication ceremony,” said The Zacatecas Center INAH researcher, in a Declaration.



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