New treatment for cancer detection: “Huge potential”

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A group of British researchers has devised a new method that they believe has “tremendous potential” in treating all types of cancer, the BBC reports. The researchers have manipulated the body’s own defense against tumors with the so-called gene scissors Crispr-Cas9, and in this way managed to teach a T-cell to attack most cancers without relying on healthy cells, according to the BBC. Angelica Loskog, professor of immunotherapy at Uppsala University, thinks the British study is exciting, but she believes it needs further testing to ensure that no healthy cells are attacked.

New treatment for cancer

New treatment for cancer detection: "Huge potential" 2

According to Angelica Loskog, it is long before the war on cancer is won but she is optimistic.– We have lots of different therapies going on and I believe in combinations. We’re starting to have so many players that we can start combining them and that’s when it gets really interesting. See Angelica Loskog’s pictures that can explain what the British scientists have come up with.

Gene-wide CRISPR – Cas9 screening reveals ubiquitous T-cell cancer focus via the monomorphic MHC Class I-related protein MR1




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