New fissures observed near Yellowstone – Emergency closure

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Today I saw a Tv show and I thought about this incident. Maybe sometimes we think too far. Our rich Imaginatiaq always leads us to things without evidence, but so are we people, more conspirationally  🙂 Have a nice day and wait to see what you think about it.

Park rangers at a location near Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming are doing their best to check the entire place and make sure the place is safe for the people who live there.

The number one priority is human safety, so they decided to close the area after the discovery of some strange fissures in the ground.

Grand Teton National Park is just seven miles away from Yellowstone National Park.

New fissures observed near Yellowstone - Emergency closure 2

And I wonder, what happens in Wyoming stays in Wyoming?


Yellowstone is a huge magma bubble that can burst at any time, and this threatens catastrophic consequences. A huge amount of harmful substances enter the Earth’s atmosphere, this dangerous plume will envelop the planet, which will result in effects similar to the effects of a nuclear winter.

Recently, the Yellowstone Volcanic Observatory published a report on the number of shakes in October this year. In total, 68 cases of seismic activity were recorded during the past month. The report stated that the danger of the volcano should be considered “normal” and the code for aviation – green. The news claims that the Steamboat geyser will continue to erupt. Last time he showed up on October 31st. No emergency situations are expected at this time. Separately, it is worth considering the deformation of the earth in Nori’s geyser area, and that the volcanic caldera is gradually lowered by 2-3 centimeters annually. New data came last month from GPS stations.

Yellowstone National Park:

It is a volcanic caldera in Yellowstone National Park located in Wyoming USA. Yellowstone is on the list of the 20 most famous monitoring channels on the planet, whose eruptions can lead to climate change across the globe. Of course, such natural secrets as Yellowstone are not subject to the human mind. The science in front of them is simply powerless.

Check out the video below to learn more and tell us what you think.




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