UPDATE: More Than 70 NASA Scientists ‘Eliminated’ in the Past Few Years – What Did They Knew?

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Another dead NASA scientist, ‘SEVENTY FOUR’ Scientists dead in 2 years!

NASA agent Alberto Behar lost his life in a 2015 plane crash in Los Angeles. What is interesting is that in recent years there have been more than 70 NASA scientists who lost their lives.

Behar was a very prominent scientist who discovered water on the red planet. He was also a pretty good pilot, which makes this accident even more exciting.

Another Dead NASA Scientist

The number of lost lives of former NASA employees has raised many questions among the public about the real reasons for their fall. What they all have in common is that they were brilliant engineers and experts in their fields.

For example, Melissa Ketunuti, a doctor specializing in cancer, was found without life in her house. The most shocking case, however, was Shane Truman 2012, whose body was left alone in a Singapore ward.

“What Do They Know”?

UPDATE: More Than 70 NASA Scientists 'Eliminated' in the Past Few Years - What Did They Knew? 3

At that time, Shane developed a machine for China that is said to be a weapon of defense. On his last day on the job was “eliminated”. The Chinese officials promised to resolve whether it was a murder or a suicide, but they never gave a proper answer.

Conspirators suspect this is not just a coincidence. These people knew something that the government did not want to reveal, so they were wiped off the map.

What do you think?

Watch the following video.


NASA Scientist Alberto 47 plane crashes into downtown Los Angeles and that makes 74 Scientists dead in 2 years

This tragic event is just one of the latest cases of a prominent key scientist suspected of death, in the last two years 74 leading medical and NASA scientists have died, almost “ALL” being officially labeled suicide or an accident. (all 74 !?) Glenn Thomas was a spokesman for the World Health Organization; He was reportedly an expert on Ebola and AIDS, he was aboard the MH17 when it was killed down by about 100 other researchers.


A NASA scientist, who was on his way to deliver an important speech about aliens at a conference in Los Angeles for some reason got shot down by what appears to be something from another planet and crashed right near the city’s iconicLAX airport.

The guy must have been crazy because he had already died once before when his balloon popped – but this time it really wasn’t funny as 74 people were killed including him!

UPDATE: More Than 70 NASA Scientists 'Eliminated' in the Past Few Years - What Did They Knew? 4

70 NASA Scientists

More Than 70 NASA Scientists ‘Eliminated’ in the Past Few Years – What Did They Know?
In a world where miracles are seen as normal, it’s hard to believe that there was once an era when we all felt like children of science and exploration.

We know so much less than what our eyes can see now: the tallest mountain on Mars is 14% higher than Everest; beneath its crust lies iron sulfide ore-rich with magnesium carbonate crystals which could someday supply us energy while also producing oxygen through photosynthesis! As for ET life-hunters out among gas giant planets, such picturesque worlds might be teeming masses upon teetering metropolis flock.

But back then many doubted if any human beings would ever get…



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