Mars, ancient discoveries “Alien Structures” similar to Ziggurat in the region of Hellas Planitia

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The images taken by the HiRISE camera aboard the MRO probe in orbit on Mars appear to indicate intelligent structures and subdivisions designed in such a way that they appear to have logical proportions of the basic dimensions. The anomalies found in Greece’s Planitia region have approximately the same length and similar rectilinear properties that extend over one kilometer. The idea that Mars was inhabited – or at least millions of years ago – has fascinated scientists and people for decades.

Throughout human history, insofar as there are writings, the Red Planet has magically captured the interest of ancient civilizations around the world. But there is something more to this mysterious planet other than the red color. But how much do we know about Mars today?

What if governments around the world don’t say everything they know about the Red Planet?

Over the past two years, we have learned a lot about the red planet. We have seen that Mars is not a desolate and dead world as scientists previously thought. In fact, Mars may have been the twin planet of the earth in the distant past.

What do we find on Hellas Planitia?

In the Martian area called Hellas Planitia, some scientists have found a number of formations that appear to be of artificial origin. From the pictures, these huge structures have regular angles reminiscent of ground buildings. These structures are partially covered by the sand of the Martian Desert and appear to be artificial constructions similar to ancient Zigurrats from ancient Mesopotamia found on Earth, exactly on the Iranian plateau and in the areas of modern Turkmenistan.

Mars, ancient discoveries “Alien Structures”

There are structures on the surface of the Red Planet believed in innumerable images from space, such as those we have published above from NASA’s MRO which has long been mapping the whole red planet.

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Not long ago, NASA revealed that Mars could have supported life as we know it, but everything changed when the planet lost its atmosphere. According to the researchers, the slow destruction of our neighbor’s atmosphere was caused by a planetary event such as a sudden turn and rotation of the magnetic field. So the atmosphere was once hospitable and afterward, it was swept. But this has happened in the distant past. This means that when Mars was much younger, it was much warmer and wetter, which means it was an excellent candidate for the development of alien life. Scientists believe the Marshaven has evaporated because of the thinner planet’s atmosphere.

But even though Mars cannot have a life now on the surface, many scientists claim that in the distant past, the planet may have supported life and not only primitive life forms, but also live in a more advanced way that would allow the construction of structures on its surface. One of these researchers is Dr. John Brandenburg, a plasma physicist at Orbital Technologies in Madison (Wisconsin), convinced that civilization on Mars has been wiped out by nuclear explosions produced by a hostile alien civilization.


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