Leaked NASA and Pentagon Secret Interview – Anunnaki Beings Return to Our Planet

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Leaked NASA and Pentagon Secret Interview

Anunnaki gods Beings Are Returning to Our Planet

The first part of the story of Nibiru which is the basis of the Old Testament and several religions.

In 2010, an American journalist dropped the following words in an interview:

“The generals of the Pentagon are nervous now – our creators are returning here again – and their military capabilities are devastating.”

A lot of people write about the truths behind the curtain. They’re normal things, and it’s normal to ask. Frankly, I don’t think when I post something is 100% real, it’s just a theory. It is an opinion that travels on the internet and I feel to share it.

If we look closely at the mythology and history of the Sumerians, we will see that there was a group of “gods” on Earth, “called Anunnaki. It seems that these gods who possess an extremely advanced technology have arrived on our planet from Nibiru.

Beings were so technologically advanced as to be almost immortal compared to us: the average life of these beings was about 432,000 years.

A secret source inside the Pentagon has revealed exclusively that there is a very great possibility that these Anunnaki will return to Earth very soon.

One of the most important reasons why these alien beings return to the earth is that they are our creators. They possess extremely advanced knowledge of our DNA. They have the power to control us.

Leaked NASA and Pentagon Secret Interview - Anunnaki Beings Return to Our Planet 3

The control exercised by our creators has been felt throughout our history. This total control could only be achieved through fear, terror, and manipulation.

Anunnaki are returning?

These Anunnaki are true leaders of the human race, leaders whom we can not ditch.

Leaked NASA and Pentagon Secret Interview - Anunnaki Beings Return to Our Planet 4

It seems like we humans have 12 strands of DNA and each of these strands is strictly linked to a certain galactic race.

In the videos below, the whistleblower says things by name and makes a shocking statement: “Our Sumerian gods are returning to our planet”

Watch the following videos and see for yourself:

Video 1: Anunnaki Beings Are Returning to Our Planet

But what planet was he then? The ancient astronomical texts do not fit into any of the planets. Some names, such as the “son of the sun,” seem to point to Saturn. Mars was also considered a candidate since Marduk is described as a reddish planet. But according to the texts, Marduk was in the shame of the earth (“in the middle of heaven”), and this convinced most scientists that it must be Jupiter because it is in the middle of the planetary line:

Mercury Venus Earth Mars – “Jupiter” -Saturnus Uranus, Neptune Pluto but this theory is contradictory. The very scientists who joined it were of the opinion that the Chaldeans knew nothing about the planets beyond Saturn and regarded the earth as the flat center of the planetary system. They also omitted the moon, which the Mesopotamians definitely counted as “heavenly gods”.

But when Marduk, in its course, repeatedly returns to the place where Tiamat (Earth before Marduk split it into 2 parts at the great battle in ancient times) existed before, ie relatively close to us (between Mars and Jupiter), how come since we have not yet seen this planet, which must be big and bright?

The Mesopotamian texts state that Marduk reaches unknown regions of heaven, the distant regions of the universe. “He sees all parts of the universe.” It is described as the “Monitor” of all planets, whose orbit allows it to orbit all others. “He holds their bands (orbits) and strikes a string around them all.”

Video 2:Leaked NASA and Pentagon Secret Interview

What is your opinion about the returning of the Anunnaki Gods?

Is it real? Leave your comment below.


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