“LEAKED MOON” Footage PROVES They’ve Been Hiding this. – “UFOs and Alien Structures Found on Moon?”

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-“NASA Releases Leaked Moon Footage”

This video is significant because it could change everything we know about space. For years, NASA has been hiding this footage from the public eye, but it has finally been released due to Cold War reforms.

For years, people have been fascinated by the moon. It has been a source of mystery and wonder, and there are still many things that we don’t know about it. Recently, a leaked video has surfaced which suggests that NASA has been hiding something from the public. The video is said to show footage of the moon taken in 1959 by the Soviets.

However, what is most interesting about this footage is what it seems to show. In the video, there are strange objects that look like alien structures or UFOs. There is also something that looks like a giant face on the surface of the moon. This has led many people to believe that NASA has been hiding evidence of aliens and other strange phenomena.

Whether or not this video is real, is definitely significant. It has the potential to change everything we know about space and the moon. It also raises a lot of questions about what else NASA may be hiding from us. Whatever the case may be, this video is sure to cause a lot of controversy and debate.

Some people say the moon is a natural satellite that revolves around Earth, but I don’t believe this. There’s nothing “natural” about it and my argument will be based on how an eclipse happens where there should only ever be one solar disk visible at any given time, yet now you can see both simultaneously! This isn’t possible unless someone pushed down hard enough in their seat – like me…

]The moon may not be what it seems. It’s actually about one-fourth the size of earth, making this tiny celestial body larger in comparison to other moons and planets like Jupiter! What gives? Well according to scientists’ theories on how everything in our solar system was formed – including ourselves here at Earthooters HQ–the Big Whack theory just doesn’t add up because we’re supposed ancestry goes back much further than 4 billion years ago when there were no humans or even life yet exists as evidenced by fossils found all over continents around today which date back hundreds if not thousands of…




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