Jade stones describing alien contact found in a cave in Mexico

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The discovery of the carved jade stones has been hailed as a major archaeological find and has sparked excitement among historians and UFO enthusiasts alike. The stones depict what appear to be scenes of aliens interacting with humans, and have been carbon-dated to around 1000 AD. This means that they predate the Aztec civilization, and could provide valuable insight into the history of contact between humans and extraterrestrials.

The find was made by a team of Mexican archaeologists who were exploring a cave in the central part of the country. The cave is located in an area known as the Sierra de San Francisco and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The archaeologists had been exploring the cave system for several months, and we’re hoping to find some clues as to how ancient cultures in Mexico interacted with each other. But they never expected to stumble upon a cache of carved jade stones that depict what appear to be scenes of extraterrestrial contact.

The discovery has understandably generated a lot of excitement among archaeologists and historians. Many are calling the find one of the most significant discoveries in Mexican history, and believe that it has tremendous potential to reveal new insights about ancient cultures and their interactions with each other.

But some UFO enthusiasts have also gotten very excited about this discovery, claiming that it provides some fascinating new evidence related to extraterrestrial contact. Some have even suggested that the carved jade stones could be proof that aliens have been visiting our planet for centuries, and that they may have even influenced the development of human civilization.

Whether this claim is true remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure: the discovery of these carved jade stones has generated a lot of excitement and curiosity and is sure to keep historians and UFO enthusiasts busy for many years to come as they try to uncover the secrets behind these enigmatic carvings.

Jade stones describing alien contact

Locals from a small town near Veracruz discovered very mysterious jade stones. They found the jade stones in a cave from a forest. These jade stones were actually very complex sculptures that describe many humanoids with very large heads similar to what we call gray aliens today.

Javier Lopez Diaz is the journalist who made this discovery known. He used Twitter to make this discovery viral. Shortly after announcing the discovery of jade stones, the news went worldwide.

Jade stones describing alien contact found in a cave in Mexico 4

The journalist has said that some sculptures clearly represent the description of real contact with a foreign civilization. These entities from other worlds may be foreigners who helped to develop Maya and Aztec civilizations.

There is no doubt that these carved jade stones are genuine. They have been carefully inspected by various researchers and they have confirmed that they are genuine.

Stones describing alien contact found in a cave in Mexico

Jade stones describing alien contact found in a cave in Mexico 5

In the cave where these jade stones were discovered, there were various drawings describing human contact with these beings from other worlds.

Jade stones describing alien contact found in a cave in Mexico 6

They even described alien spaceships. The researchers found and deciphered some symbols of these jade stones. The translation of the title is fantastic: “Stones of the First Encounter“.

Below you can watch a video made by a local TV:

With so many Mayan artifacts that seemingly portray what we would today describe as extraterrestrials or aliens, it becomes more difficult to dismiss them as narrows or misconceptions of Mayan drawings and carvings of conventional objects, animals, or humans.

Get ready for more. The word spreads about a discovery in March 2017 of jade stones carved with so many realistic engravings of what aliens and spaceships look like they are called “Stones of the First Encounter.” Are they?

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