‘I Never Knew My Boyfriend Was Born GIRL’

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Girlfriend tells me: I never knew my ‘male’s Kiwi boyfriend was born a girl’


Charlotte Urie, 20, was left shocked after her boyfriend admitted he was actually born a girl. With her strong jawline and muscular upper body, Charlotte had no idea that the new man in her life – Kieran Moloney – had entered this world as a woman named Ciara. For years, the 23-year-old kept his prey secret until he met Charlotte in 2012.

The couple has now been together for two years and hopes to marry and start a family with Kieran’s best friend as a donor. Charlotte, a barista from Camden, London, said: ‘I would never have guessed Kieran’s secret, but as soon as he told me he had been born a girl, it didn’t.

When puberty struck, the teenager’s confusing feelings only escalated further.

He says: ‘I was jealous of the boys at school when their voices dropped and they started to shave. I hated being a girl. ‘

He cut his hair into a short nailed bob and wore sports BRA and baggy tops to hide his feminine figure.

He said: ‘I started taking hormone tablets that lowered my voice and gave me more body hair – I loved the changes.’

Kieran’s family supported him and his mother Bronagh Moloney, 49, a nurse, started calling him her son.

When 17 years old began fine hairs growing on Kieran’s face and with strict gym training Kieran’s body turned into a man.









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