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How the United States is preparing for an Alien invasion

“The truth is out there,” said Obama

blank - How the United States is preparing for an Alien invasion

The world has been waiting for decades. The time is finally here: we’re getting ready to welcome our new alien overlords. No, the United States government is taking steps to prepare for an invasion from outer space as a result of increased UFO sightings and unidentified flying objects (UFOs). A recent report released by the Pentagon details how it’s preparing for such an event in case it ever happens. This article will take you through what those preparations are and why they’re happening now.

Moments after the announcement that we had made contact with water-based organisms, our radio and television stations went crazy. Everyone wanted to know: what does this mean for us? Are they friendly? Are they hostile? Some have argued that it’s been 38 years since their first visit, so if they were going to hurt us, they would have done it by now. Others say that we should gather as many resources as possible and hide in the mountains until they leave because humans are no match for extraterrestrial beings with technology far superior to ours.

Then came the second round of sightings of unidentified flying objects or UFOs, which started being reported more frequently than ever before. And then, just yesterday, something unexplainable happened.

A group of armed forces was walking through the desert when they saw a huge alien mothership floating in the air. Suddenly, all hell broke loose as fighter jets started flying out of every direction to defend Earth against incoming missiles from the enormous spacecraft. Intelligence officers confirmed that it was a mothership from outer space and that it was about to begin its invasion on Earth as a result of increased UFO sightings.

It’s been reported that within the past few years, there have been around 4,000 UFO sightings. This marks a rapid increase from previous decades when 911 people would report the same type of unidentified flying objects. Although UFO sightings have increased dramatically, the government hasn’t taken any action to stop these invaders from space up until now.

However, this is about to change as a result of yesterday’s events. According to several reports, the “Sightings Continue” phenomenon has prompted US President Barack Obama (pictured below) to prepare for a possible extraterrestrial invasion. In a recent statement, the president explained that although we don’t really know anything about these UFOs, the US is prepared to fight back if necessary.

“The truth is out there,” said Obama in a video uploaded to his official YouTube account, “and I, for one, am not going down without a fight. My administration has been preparing for an alien invasion ever since the UFO phenomena began, and now with this latest boost in sightings across the US, we have to be prepared for anything. We are committed to defending our planet against any threat – like Osama bin Laden (pictured below), I want everyone out there who doesn’t already know this stuff to know exactly how committed we are to this cause.”

In a recent poll conducted by the Gallup organization, it has been revealed that less than half of Americans think that UFOs exist. Furthermore, this seems to be a generational gap: only 57 percent of people under the age of 30 believe in unidentified flying objects while a whopping 77 percent of elder citizens believe in extraterrestrial phenomena.

The government has yet to determine whether these UFOs are hostile or friendly. For now, we can only hope that they understand we mean them no harm and will do everything we can to make friends with our new visitors from space. That is until the president gives us orders otherwise.

In the event of an alien invasion, it is natural to have a sense of fear and uncertainty. However, as you can see from this article on how the United States is preparing for one, there are many things that our government has been doing in preparation. These include keeping track of any potential threats to US airspace or territorial waters coming from outer space.

You may not be able to stop them all with your firepower if they come knocking down your door, but at least now you know what you’re up against when something like this happens! If we’re lucky enough never experience such a thing first-hand here on Earth, then at least we will be prepared should it happen elsewhere.

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