Hidden world – 300 unpublished documents of Nikola Tesla finally published

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Available on the Internet 300 unpublished seized documents of Nikola Tesla finally published

Nikola Tesla was a controversial scientist who died in 1943 without leaving behind his work and discoveries; however, he has found a place on the internet. Since the beginning of this year, 300 unpublished documents related to Tesla have been appearing online at teslasciencefoundation.org. The seized documents were written by Serb immigrant Leopoldo Antony, who was a Tesla disciple and colleague.”


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The Mystery of Nikola Tesla’s Missing Files

Due to the fact that Nikola Tesla died in 1943 without leaving behind his work or discoveries; it can be said that today he is found on the internet since 300 new documents were published this year by The Teslascence website.”

– Nicola Tesla was born on July 12th, 1856 in Smiljan, Croatia. – He had a very small school and the teacher said that he didn’t have a talent for anything else than drawing.- His father wanted him to be an Orthodox Priest but his uncle brought him into engineering.

– Tesla worked for Edison in the USA but had a conflict with him.

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There are many conspiracy theories about Tesla’s death

– Tesla died in January 1943 at age 86 due to heart failure. – There are many conspiracy theories about Tesla’s death.- Edison died before Tesla so nobody knows which of them really invented all these incredible things firstly.  The most popular theory is that Nikola was trying out one of his inventions when something went wrong and killed him instantly.

– Tesla is considered the greatest geek who ever lived. – He was an early adopter of AC power that helped usher in the Second Industrial Revolution.- Without tesla, there would be no modern technology as we know it today.


– Some were more plausible than others.

– The most common involved Thomas Edison, who was known to have held a grudge against Tesla for outshining him in the War of Currents. Although there is no evidence that Edison’s agents killed Tesla, some historians believe he had motive enough to do so. However, it’s likely that if this did occur then his men would have made the death appear accidental or natural rather than just shooting him and leaving him on the floor bleeding out…which leads us right into our next theory!

Tesla continued this project until 1917 when he suffered a nervous breakdown after hearing voices and experiencing visions of “the end of times.” When asked what was wrong by reporters at The New York Times, Tesla replied: “It’s too horrible! I cannot tell you how devastating it has been for me. They are going through my papers at this moment looking for evidence against me! Oh my God—I can’t believe this is happening to me…to civilization itself? My discoveries could bring about the end of warfare on Earth.”

One problem with conspiracy theories is that they can distract us from reality, even if it’s just for fun. As author, David Wooten points out in his book “The World Is Not as We Think It Is: A Guide to Discovering Your Own Reality,” our beliefs make up our world—for better or worse. So while believing something crazy might be entertaining (or infuriating), it will probably not change anything at all.

This is quite an important piece of information since it could represent a conspiracy against man. However, more than theories, the necessary tests have not been developed to confirm them. But, now that the documents are in the public domain, it is hoped that the creations of Tesla’s inventions will become possible. And if so, the United States could lose a huge weapon advantage compared to other countries. Which again indicates a motive for the government to keep them secret for as long as it could.


All files are here – FBI records



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