Today the TRUTH – Update – Have You Ever Encountered a Real Mermaid?

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The mermaids are mythical creatures that seem to exist even today. In recent years, as technology and smartphones became available to everyone, the number of mermaid meetings has increased significantly.

Today the TRUTH - Update - Have You Ever Encountered a Real Mermaid? 5

Mermaid Encounters reported and even took pictures and videos of these creatures in all seas, but also in rivers and lakes.

Mermaids: legends and myths. Scary stories. In fact, who were the mermaids and why this is not shown in cartoons

Many stories and short stories came to us from abroad, but because of the translation they were interpreted and misunderstood. The little mermaid is one of them. Because of the translation, we believe that mermaids are girls with a human body, but with a fishtail, which lives deep in the sea. But in reality, it is not so. The mermaid is a character in Slavic mythology and, despite living in water, has a simple human leg instead of a fishtail.

The image and prototypes of mermaids
Opinions differ about what constitutes a mermaid. For some, they are the spirits of drowned women, for others, unmarried children or young unmarried girls. Someone even says that the mermaids become children who are condemned or who died during Rusalya week. There is also a version that mermaids became girls who drowned because of unhappy love (which makes them similar to western Ondins). In general, the mass of options. But despite such a number of versions, people agree on one thing: mermaids are evil spirits that drive or kill children and sometimes adults.

However, since the Slavic populated a fairly large area, beliefs and images vary by country. In addition, the names change. So, for example, Mavka is the same mermaid, but in Ukrainian; in Belarusian, they were called trustees or princes. There are many characters associated with mermaids, as the very image of a vengeful spirit in the form of a girl (young or old, beautiful or ugly, depending on the region) was widespread. Mermaids are also similar to mollusks, Zeus’s daughters in Greek mythology. They also lived in ponds but were nymphs. By the way, in the same mythology, there are Nereids, sea gods. They look remarkably like mermaids (even dancing all night and singing songs), but they are kind creatures revered in the coastal cities of Greece.

Today the TRUTH - Update - Have You Ever Encountered a Real Mermaid? 6

When it comes to mermaids it is believers but also skeptics, but what is the point of drawing up such a hoax?

Stories told by people:

“It seems that this character is so amazing that he only stayed in fairy tales. But our northern bull calves claim that real mermaids can be seen to this day.

Mermaids live in water but can go outside. They don’t support people too much, they should be feared:

They were small, so the old people told us that you should not swim after the rain, the mermaid washes there. Her hair is long. She will pull away …

Some pretty scary stories told about them:

Mermaids something? Yes, I heard. Now there were none, and before there was much of everything, many stories were told.

A woman’s son drowned. He swam well, swam well, and then drowned suddenly. And of course, it was in the summer. Well, the people: “He let go of the water!” And then, a lot of time passed, she went to wash the river and watch, a girl sitting on a rock, beautiful, but naked, her hair is black, long. She repairs them. That [woman] when she saw her and her heart sank immediately. I was very scared, stood, and did not breathe already. I was very scared a lot. But what a shocking fact! What are you doing! This mermaid will look at who a person has frozen, and will stand, for a long time can, yes. It’s worth it. Suddenly, the mermaid turns and says, “Your son is fine, go home and don’t go here anymore.” And jumped into the water and left the weapon on the stone. And the son’s body was never found, it hurts.

There are mermaids in the river now. They are like a man, the hair is long, loose, sitting on a rock and the hair is scratched. And there are breasts. They live in clumsy places. It comes out in the morning and evening.

Mermaids were too. Different species were shown: by a woman and a man and cattle. How to look. They will be seen and ill.

Grandma is dead. Arrived was an uncle from Moscow. I went to the river. In costume, dress properly. The beautiful girl seemed to him. He wanted to buy, did it with his hands – and ducked into the river. I saw a nice girl, beautiful. And he came, pouring from him, and in a good suit was.

They were small, so the old people told us that you should not swim after the rain, the mermaid washes there. Her hair is long. She will pull it off.

There are mermaids in the rivers now. They say that a cursed man turns to a mermaid. They are like a man, the hair is long, loose, sitting on a rock and the hair is scratched. And there are breasts. They live in clumsy places. It comes out in the morning and evening. And ass, like a man. Beautiful, breasts are like a woman’s. She washed the linen, knocked it with a stick so that the dust would come out. I see that the hair is long, loose. And they noticed, and she disappeared.

Shishikhs, mermaids, grasp the feet, and drown. Grandma planted a whistle and a woman came into the water. Someone pulls her and then fingerprints on her legs.

They said someone was serving in the Navy, and she [the mermaid] came out and sang songs. And then he liked that he fell in love. And her love is real. And they made a child. And what should the sailor do, how to take her, because she does not know how to talk and the child does not know how to talk. And sent him to another ship. She comes and sees where he is. And they show her: he went. Longed for a lot. And then the child ripped and rushed into the water.”

Today the TRUTH - Update - Have You Ever Encountered a Real Mermaid? 7

Mermaid takes human life to continue her youth. To this end, she goes ashore, sings songs, and expects a sacrifice. Most often observed in small rivers and lakes.

Russian folklore considers the girl an indispensable companion of the water. Since 2012, Kiryat has become a habitat for a large influx of tourists. A bonus is offered to a person who, at least in one photo, will show proof of a mermaid. But so far, the beautiful girl has not met the camera lenses.

Thousands of eyewitnesses have always been found by these wonderful beings. For example, a man fishing while he was in the sea clearly heard strange sounds from the bottom.

People on the deck found that it was sung by a mermaid. The girls sang so beautifully that three of the team tried to jump from the ship to the voice.

Near the Antarctic coast, several people at different times observed creatures remotely resembling mermaids. The Japanese have a similar phenomenon with a fishtail called the “thing”. But in this case, in Japanese waters, there is a creature that is less like a person because of the strong paleness. Their body is thinner and longer, and the tail is elongated.

In the Middle Ages, near the mysterious English castle Orfold in Suffolk, a real water catcher was caught. The creature was immediately transferred to the Royal Museum, where he was given all the conditions for existence, but the Aquarius soon escaped.


Mermaid’s birth

Today the TRUTH - Update - Have You Ever Encountered a Real Mermaid? 8
Don’t forget that every mythology was confirmed by real facts. There are different types of fetal mutations, such as porphyria – real vampirism in humans. But there is another, not fully understood, siren syndrome, which also contributed his superstition to the story of mermaids.

Oxygen syndrome (sirenomelia) is an abnormal embryonic development where the baby’s bones join together in the uterus. After birth, it has a different appearance: the limbs grow completely together for the entire length, or partially.

There are times when a child is born with a large bone, which makes it look like a mermaid. If the operation is not performed on time and the molten limbs are not split, the baby will die.

Adults who have a siren syndrome, not even after surgery, cannot move, but they feel good and are free in the water.

One of the symptoms of the disease is the extreme drying of the skin, which causes discomfort and sometimes pain. Therefore, a person is constantly forced to moisturize his lower part.


It is noted that three times more women are born with this diagnosis than men. Researchers translate a parallel between legend and scientific explanation. Maybe one of the girls with the siren syndrome was at a distance on the beach, and when she saw other people, afraid of ridicule, she fled.

Watch the video below that contains few mermaid views and decide for yourself, and leave your comment on this.


A joke or real? People have been exploring these things since ancient times. The passion for the unknown fascinates us. We want to discover new things. We want the stories of the sailors who fell in love with the girls of the sea to be true.

The truth is that there is no scientific evidence for a Mermaid, I know I will disappoint you, but this is the truth!


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