Officials Have Face-to-Face Meetings With Extraterrestrial Races

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If we ever encountered extraterrestrial intelligence, would we be able to communicate with the radically different existences? A new book summarizes attempts to create a literally universal language.

“The idea that man can become a multi-planetary species is no longer just a fantasy.” The words do not come from a space-drunk Elon Musk, but from the introduction to a small volume published the following year with the fascinating title “Planetary echoes: Exploring the implications of human settlement in outer space”. The anthology contributors have resolved to shape, describe and ponder how the possibility of the above shift has been expressed in art, literature, and science in recent times – how this once spectacular science-fiction motif has begun to be integrated into the everyday fabric of contemporary society.

Along the same astronomically constructed path of thought, the exhibition “Cosmological Arrows” was recently organized at Bonnier’s Art Hall, and with me, it continues as I read Canadian poet Ken Hunt’s new collections of poems “The lost cosmonauts” (2018) and “The Odyssey” (2019). The latter a strikingly sounding and light-heartedly evocative space poetry, the voices of a diffuse temporal dimension, which Hunt has extracted from the slips in the recently published transcription of the sound recordings from the Apollo 11 expedition.

According to sources, face to face meetings is often held between US officials and extraterrestrial beings. Dr. Michael Salla is a renowned researcher, expert on international politics, conflict resolution, and US foreign policy.

Michael is truly convinced that the spread of extraterrestrial presence is mostly based on leaks of information about contact persons and military senior staff testimonies.

These sources also indicate that the extraterrestrial groups participating in these meetings are known as Reptilians as well as other races whose lifestyles are based on silicon.

These extraterrestrial races have been monitoring and controlling the earth for centuries and are currently creating humanoid hybrids designed to be placed on earth to create a new type of human in the future.

Another source claims that there is another race called “Ebens” and comes from the star system of Zeta Reticuli, also known as the planet of the Greys. According to this source, these foreigners are in close relationship with military officers.

All this information is part of an adopted “Serpo project” which involves a secret program for the exchange of people and extraterrestrials from Zeta Reticulis.

For Salla, this project is the result of actual facts and speculation. However, Michael still believes that meetings between people and foreigners are a reality, and he thinks that the final revelation is only a matter of time.

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