Google Earth user discovers ‘creepy men standing in a circle’ in deserted ghost town – Goldwell Open Air Museum

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Creepy men standing in a circle in a deserted ghost town!

“What the heck?” exclaimed Heather, scrolling through Google Earth and stopping when she found a square in the middle of nowhere. “That’s not there in real life! I must be going crazy or something. The square just has four dots on it, but they look like people. What is this?”

Heather zoomed out to get a better view of what was happening around her mysterious square and gasped at what she saw: A bunch of men standing in a circle-like formation with their hands clasped together while looking away from each other in different directions. Surrounding them were trees that seemed to grow right up into the sky, making them seem even smaller than they already were.


Rhyolite is a small town in the state of Nevada. It has been home to many people before, but not so many now. The ones that are left have become good friends over time and they always keep an eye on each other. One day, Rhyolite was just as it had always been, but one person didn’t show up for coffee at the usual time after church. This caused concern among some other residents, who went looking for them to see what happened.

They found their friend sitting near a tree outside of town with dirt all over her dress and stained hands from digging around the roots of the tree she was next to – this caught everyone’s attention because anyone who liked nature would never go out without gloves.

A visit to the Goldwell Open Air Museum is a day trip worth taking. This museum has been around since 2002 and there are over 100,000 visitors each year. It is an open-air art museum that features sculpture installations by world-renowned artists who have traveled from all over the globe to showcase their works here. The sculptures are not just limited to one medium either–wood, stone, metal, fiberglass, glass and more can be found in this outdoor space.

You might be wondering how these sculptures came about?

Well, they were created out of donated materials or recycled material that was found on site!


The Goldwell Open Air Museum

The Goldwell Open Air Museum is an outdoor sculpture park near the ghost town of Rhyolite in Nevada. The 7 acres it occupies date back to 1892 when a small mining camp called “Rhyolite” was established on what were then known as salt flats along with some other settlements such Amerikanersthis land had been used for agricultural purposes due south into California but after gold was discovered here around 1900 so many people flocked from all over eager not just for wealth but also something new-the chance at life outside one’s hometowns;


Haunted places on Google Earth

Google Earth is a great way to get an idea of how the world really works. One thing I found interesting was that there are several places listed as being haunted, and they all have such unique characteristics! For example, one location has stairs leading up from below ground level – which makes for some spooky photos when you upload them into your computer or phone’s camera app
A photo taken near this site shows two figures staring out at us with glowing red eyes through what looks like open sewer sluice gates where water fills almost immediately after opening wide enough just seconds before someone takes their picture standing right next door watching.

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery
Alleged ghost sightings abound in this abandoned cemetery.

Lemp Mansion
The property has been transformed into a commercial space, but it was the site of several tragedies and is believed to have been haunted by the Lemp family.

Villisca Ax Murder House
In 1912, a mass murder took place in this home which was haunted bed and breakfast. Rumor has it that the victims never moved out.

Old slave house Hickory Hill
Formerly known as Crenshaw House, Old Slave House has an ominous history that included the kidnapping of free slaves to bring them back to a life of forced labor.

Winchester Manor
Known as one of the most haunted places in the world, Sarah Winchester spent her days in this magnificent building with elaborate rooms, stairs and maze-like corridors to avoid the ghosts of those killed by Winchester rifles.

Bobby Mackey’s music world
From slaughterhouse to speakeasy to meeting place for a satanic cult, Bobby Mackey’s music world has a colorful story – and a portal to hell in the basement.

Myrtles plantation
This former slave plantation was built in a Native American cemetery, making it a horror film waiting to happen.

John Stone’s Public House
This pub used to be a hotel and is full of scary stories. It must have been haunted by a child’s ghost who died there after a train accident.

Devil’s Promenade
An inexplicable light lives in this space and theories about its origin story include the ghost of a Civil War soldier and an Indian searching for his missing head.

USA Airforce Museum
This museum is said to be home to many haunted objects with observations of a little ghost boy and allegations of moving objects or unexplained sounds.

Home to the hysteria that led to the Salem Witch Trials, many places in this terrifying city are said to have haunted, including The Old Salem Jail and Salem State University.

Thousands of Civil War soldiers died at this historic site, and there is no shortage of reported ghost sightings.

Adams Street Cemetery
Cemeteries are eerie in nature, but it is reported that mysterious fog and mist appear in photographs.

The Whaley House
Known as one of the most haunted houses in America, Whaley House was built on a former cemetery – and it never ends well. Strange sounds, sights and observations of the Whaley family have been reported.

LaLaurie House
Many slaves were mistreated and tortured in LaLaurie House, their tangled remains discovered after a devastating fire. Legend has it that some are now left on the property as ghosts.

Eastern State Prison Service
Once home to Al Capone, this national historic landmark was open from 1829 to 1971 and the tortured souls of those who lived their lives in isolation or lost their lives in murder are reportedly still alive.

Stranahan House
Frank Stranahan was a businessman during the Depression and drowned himself in a nearby river after falling during hard times. Strange revelations including his wife’s ghost and other families have been reported.

Avon Theater
This historic cinema has been renovated and is back to play movies on the big screen, but it is also rumored that it will be haunted.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Formerly a hospital for tuberculosis patients, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky comes complete with a body gutter for corpses and a haunted fifth floor.

White House
Do you want to hang out with dead presidents? Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt reportedly still live in the most historic house in America.

Jane Addams Hull-House Museum
Formerly an education and help center for immigrants and working class, this current museum is said to be home to a lady in white and a “devil baby” ghost.

112 Ocean Ave.
Home of the infamous Amityville Horror House, this was the site of a massacre committed by Ronald DeFeo in 1974. Its next inhabitant was reportedly the victim of a ghost that inspired the famous horror film.

Bell Witch Cave
After a series of strange observations and events, the Bell family identified a force that claimed to be a witch named Kate who had plagued the family for years.

145 N Main St
Formerly the Lincoln Square Theater, this place caught fire twice and took the lives of two people who are said to still haunt this space.

This famous prison was recently the star of a historical channel show that recorded inexplicable temperature drops and voices that served as proof that some prisoners may still be present in the spirit.

Stanley Hotel
Stephen King used this hotel as inspiration for The Overlook Hotel in his spooky classic “The Shining”.

Crescent Hotel
This hotel’s claim to fame includes several spirits including ghosts from a construction worker, a cancer patient and even a cat.

Western Cemetery
Legend has it that a murdered prime minister continued to shout after his death

Google Earth is a great way to explore the world and find new places, have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit a haunted place in person without having to travel there yourself, or maybe even getting spooked by an unexpected apparition while exploring with friends on your computer screen instead of looking for ghosts in real life?!

There are many famous landmarks that have been reported as being haunted such as The White House, Alcatraz Island, and Central Park, here is a list of some other popular haunted locations found via Google Earth:

-The Tower of London -The Winchester Mystery House -Waverly Hills Sanatorium -Borley Rectory (also known as the most haunted house in England)
Explore these sites on Google Earth and share your findings with us!

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