Giza basalt floor – Ancient perfect cut marks – Evidence of advanced technology

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Many of the old sites and structures that exist all over the world have no possible explanation between experts and researchers. No one knows who built them, why or when.

The best example is the deviations found on the Giza Plateau. Many people and experts study this terrain in search of evidence of advanced technology thanks to which these structures could have been built.

Giza basalt floor

However, among the many fragments left on the ground, numerous pieces of evidence point to the ancient highly advanced technology responsible for the construction of those ancient prodigies.

Giza basalt floor

Giza basalt floor

The designs have marks that could only have been left by advanced hard disk machines among many other curious and exciting features.

Ancient perfect cut marks

Hopefully one day, these incredible tools could be discovered to identify the technology they used to build the site.

We have a feeling that everything we have been told in relation to origin, age and even the creators of the Giza Plateau is completely wrong, so we have to do everything to shed light on these aspects.


Hopefully, it will be a matter of time before we finally discover the truth about our past and so we can understand our history.

Headstones from a cast stone: properties

There are supporters and there are opponents to the version of casting stones. Many facts cannot be explained by the mechanical processing of stones and tickets, with the exception of the formation of liquid or doughy masses, including solid types of stone, crystalline as granite, basalt. Add oil to the fire or shift the weight towards the cast technology version.
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Granite molding. Here are examples from Egypt:

The conjugation of blocks vertically is curved. Processing of this cannot be achieved. And what kind of strange material recess on the blocks? More like traces of poorly installed molding. In principle, accuracy was not needed here.

Basalt. Flaws at the edges of the block. It can be seen that they were cut off

A series of basalt cubes with flows

What is the point of working so basic and leaving such a “visor”?

It seems that the plastic mass was held by flat screens with support. But their area was smaller than the resulting block

Block matching vertically

Horizontal and vertical mating are curved

Like a running dough from a saucepan.

Here, something was crushed at the top

Granite cladding of Menkaur Pyramid

How can granite blocks of this size be mounted mechanically?

The walls of the wall do not show in a plane to the end of the entire area

Here the granite exfoliates

I think the outer cladding of the (preserved) pyramids of Giza has flooded blocks for blocks

In front of the pyramids of Giza

Concrete granite and basalt flooring in Giza

How do these stones come in the granite mass? What will the skeptics say?

What is cast marble?

This is a polymer-created material with the inclusion of filler. The production technology itself offers great opportunities to change these aesthetic features of this stone. Compared to natural marble, the composite analog makes it available to use all shades of color, not limited to the size of the product. It should also be noted and the difference between classical technology for the manufacture of artificial stones.

I contrast materials created with cement built-in cast marble time of polymers as a binder. Thanks to this technical function, high operational characteristics are achieved. Among them are solidity, moisture resistance, optimal thermal conductivity, etc.

Manufacturing Technology

Despite providing a wide range of positive features, the marble manufacturing process is quite simple. The company used special matrix shapes for this purpose, where there is a prepared raw material base. Formation of end products is done through molding – the tank is filled with a mixture of fillers and additives, which then hardens.

At the same time, there are several methods of casting marble. The technique in the standard scheme involves the use of polyester resins. By introducing this component at the end is obtained and a product that can write in home decor. It is the technology that produces parts and complete furnishings. In practice, the function of cast marble feels even with a normal touch – the material emits heat. This quality distinguishes stone from natural marble and granite.

VIDEO: Evidence of advanced technology

Giza basalt floor – Ancient perfect cut marks


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