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Home » Gigantic Strange Object Appears Next to The Moon in Indonesia

Gigantic Strange Object Appears Next to The Moon in Indonesia


 Strange Object Appears Next to The Moon

What we can see in the three videos is a kind of gigantic object next to the moon.

You will see three videos recorded on May 21 in Indonesia. These videos were recorded by three different people living in the same city. They decided to upload what they recorded on Facebook and immediately became extremely viral.

The object had a very strange shape and left the witnesses completely terrified.

Gigantic Strange Object Appears

Gigantic Strange Object Appears

Experts say there was no manipulation in effect on the videos and the quality was quite good. Skeptics say that the object is a kind of comet or a comet in the sky, some even say it is actually the tree branch.

Gigantic Strange Object Appears

People have seen many unexplained things in the sky over the years. You may have seen and no one believed you.

What can we do?

We do not know if the object is a UFO or simply an ordinary anomaly. But what we do know is that more and more videos like these are popping up every day and clearly something bad is happening today.

Watch these videos yourself and share your impressions with us.


Ufologists and other independent researchers of paranormal phenomena carefully studied these videos and concluded that they are genuine.

Yet the nature of the object is a complete mystery to everyone: witnesses, Internet users, UFO researchers and so on. Some expect an airplane of representatives of an alien civilization.

Others are even inclined to think that some kind of amazing living being hungover Aceh. According to skeptics, this secret aircraft belongs to the military.

It is noteworthy that in Indonesia since ancient times there are legends about aircraft, similar to the vimana of ancient Indian literature.

It is therefore not surprising that some Indonesian witnesses were confused because they were surprised and frightened when they remembered their grandparents’ stories.


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