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The gigantic mummy, perhaps alien, was discovered in CHINA

The mummies from the Tarim Basin are several hundred mummies that were found in various places in the Tarim Basin or the Taklamakan Desert in Xinjiang in the today’s People’s Republic of China. They date from around 2000 BC. AD and 800 AD

The mummies, especially the early ones with an appearance that is more reminiscent of Europeans, are often associated with the Tochars, the speakers of the Tocharian language in the Tarim Basin, although the connection has not been clearly established and several centuries between these mummies and the first evidence of the Tuscan written language. The Tocharians are described as bearded, red-haired or blond, with deep blue or green eyes and long noses.

Wang Binghua is an archaeologist at the Urumqi Museum. The small town is the administrative center of Xiang-Jang, the northwestern province of China. Trapped between the deadly Taklamakan desert in the south and the no less hostile Gobi in the north, Xiang-Jang is particularly popular with spectacular mummy finds. But Wang Binghua dismisses: “This is not a political question, but a scientific one. But Western researchers are trying to use it to make politics.” That is why it is so difficult for him to work with American archaeologists. But he gives himself dialectically: “But in principle …”

Some of the Xiang-Jang mummies are 4,000 years old and, judging by their build and skull shape, are clearly “European”. They attest to intensive contacts between the Far East and the Far West at a very early stage, far earlier than other discoveries have suggested. This shakes the self-image of the Chinese, who still see their culture as independent and developed solely from themselves.

The first news from the early Europeans in the deserts of Central Asia comes from the Swedish explorer Sven Hedin. He had found such a mummy during his last expedition in 1937, but was not allowed to examine it in detail or even export it. The Chinese watched warily over the witnesses of their past.

My personal opinion

Hello, today is Friday and as you know, tomorrow we do not post links. Why? Because it’s Saturday and Saturday we have to rest. If we read the Bible, we see that before the flood, many mysterious things happened. As the Bible tells us, people live very many years, up to 1000 years. The knowledge of man was very great. and my answer to all these wonderful things is simple. They were before the flood!

Below you find the article stolen from my colleague at Alien Blog


1500-year-old tomb with many artifacts and an intact mummy was found by archaeologists from Inner Mongolian University.

The mummy is of a person that seems to be a dynastic ruler, as it has many gold decorations.

The coffin was made of wood.

The tomb contained an impressive amount of ceramics and jewelry.

None of this is sufficient for Wang Binghua, the Chinese explorer of the euro mummies. In principle, he agrees: “In my opinion, there was an exchange between Europe and Asia long before the history of the Silk Road”. But it went very slowly. You don’t even know where the impetus came from. Wang Binghua wants to admit only one thing: “4,000 years ago and even before different races lived here, also from Europe. And the mummies are their successors. But we are only at the beginning of the research.”

The scientific evaluation of the mummies could have increased long ago. American archaeologist Victor Mair has served the Chinese for many years in a wide international collaboration and even promises a complete museum for the euro mummies in Urumqi. But so far he has not had a chance. The understanding of Chinese and American science proved incompatible between Wang and Mair. Wang Binghua summarizes his concerns: “How can you publish essays before you have reliable results!”

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