Full Wolf Moon Eclipse: On Friday, January 10, the moon will be full.

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On Friday, January 10, the moon will be full.

Full Wolf Moon Eclipse

On the same date, it slides into the semi-darkness prevailing in the earth’s outer shadow, also called the penumbra. It is simply the lighter part of the shade. The phenomenon will be visible in Sweden and start around 17.40. Then this half-shade reaches its peak around 20.10.
On Friday, January 24, the moon will be new.

The constellation of the month.
Little bear. This constellation is found in the northern sky and is one of the most famous. It is sometimes also called the Little Caravan. Ursa mines are its Latin names and in Babylonia, it was called the carriage of heaven. It includes the Polar Star, which is also the brightest star of the constellation, that is, it looks to the naked eye to be a single star but actually consists of three (previously thought to be five). This star stands in the zenith over the north pole and is always visible in the northern hemisphere in the north, moreover, it never disappears below the horizon, but stands almost still while the rest of the starry sky appears to rotate around it. It has therefore served as a guide in, for example, navigation at sea and is mythical and well used in various symbolic expressions.

The little bear becomes visible in the twilight, basically right above us and there it is all year round, with its tail as well as attached to the night sky by the Polar star around which it thus rotates together with the rest of the starry sky. The little bear is, with its familiar appearance, its location and anchorage to Polstjärnan, a good constellation to base on when to orient yourself in the starry sky.


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