Flying Triangle Over Sweden – Still Unsolved Case

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Flying Triangle Over Sweden

Last year, UFO-Sweden classified 18 flying objects as unexplained – and another 26 observations are being investigated by the organization. One February evening, for example, an Eskilstuna couple got to see something they had never seen before.

Flying Triangle Over Sweden

The pair says they were sitting in their hot tub when they saw a triangular object at 22 o’clock that was traveling straight towards them at high speed. The object was, according to the couple, provided with flashing lights underneath and stopped for a short time above them before it disappeared again.

The couple drew on the object and reported on the incident to UFO-Sweden, which collects all reports on unidentified objects in the country.

Foto: UFO-Sverige/TT

Met witnesses

Last year, 237 sightings were reported to UFO-Sweden, and 140 of them are identified as identified or IFO (identified flying objects).

The Flying Triangle is one of 26 cases that are still under investigation. Representatives of UFO-Sweden have inspected the site and met with the witnesses.

Among the material is the image the couple has drawn. The fact that they did not take a photograph but merely drew the object is not unusual for witnesses of UFO sightings.

– That person who themselves see something that they perceive as tangible and close to do not take any picture – such happens a lot of times, says Johan Gustavsson at UFO-Sweden’s reporting center.

Defense radar system

With the help of the defense radar system, which records all objects in the air down to a few hundred meters, UFO-Sweden has discovered two aircraft that could be the object the pair saw. But Johan Gustavsson is doubtful that it would be any of the aircraft.

– It requires a very tangible misinterpretation factor from the observers and in addition, it has taken the form of two witnesses, says Gustavsson.

The increasing use of drones has made them a natural feature of the air. They fly very locally and not at high altitudes, but the drones have not yet given rise to more suspicious UFO sightings. Rather, they are underrepresented in the 2019 reports.

– It is still more common for people to make mistakes on stars, planets, satellites and aircraft, things that have always happened, says Johan Gustavsson.

After a report has been submitted, it is analyzed by a so-called field investigator located around the country. Many cases are written off immediately because the necessary information is missing.

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