FBI – How did Nikola Tesla’s work get lost or censored? – Nikola Tesla Secret Inventions That Were Lost or Censored

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Nikola Tesla was one of the most brilliant inventors of our time, but his work was often censored or lost after his death. He had many amazing inventions that never saw the light of day, but some were recently uncovered and are still being studied. Let’s take a look at some of Tesla’s lost or censored inventions!

Tesla’s inventions were often ahead of their time, and as a result, they were often met with skepticism or outright rejection from the scientific community. This was especially true of his later work, which delved into more speculative realms such as energy field manipulation and antigravity.

His papers and belongings were seized by the FBI

Tesla’s papers and belongings were seized by the FBI in 1943. Tesla was an engineer and inventor who developed the AC induction motor and designed the Tesla coil. He also made breakthroughs in radio, x-rays, and remote control technology. Tesla’s ideas and inventions made him a target of government surveillance.

The FBI seized his papers in an attempt to find evidence of Tesla’s alleged communist sympathies. However, Tesla was never charged with any crime. The seizure of his papers deprived him of the recognition he deserved during his lifetime. Tesla’s legacy only began to be appreciated after his death. Today, he is considered one of the most important inventors of the modern era.

Sadly, much of Tesla’s work was lost or destroyed after his death in 1943. His papers and belongings were seized by the FBI, and many of his devices were either lost or dismantled. It wasn’t until recently that some of his lost inventions have been rediscovered and are now being studied by scientists once again.

One of Tesla’s most famous lost inventions is his so-called “Death Ray.” This was a device that Tesla claimed could focus energy into a narrow beam that could be used to destroy targets from afar. Tesla allegedly demonstrated the Death Ray for reporters in1922, but the device was never actually built.

Tesla also developed a number of devices that he believed could tap into the Earth’s natural electromagnetic fields and provide free, limitless energy. These “free energy” devices were met with much skepticism and derision from the scientific community, and Tesla was never able to get them to work as he intended.

Sadly, many of Nikola Tesla’s greatest inventions were lost or censored. But thanks to recent discoveries, some of his work is being studied once again and may one day revolutionize the way we use energy.

The 5 most interesting Nikola Tesla inventions

1. Tesla’s Death Beam

One of Tesla’s most famous lost inventions is his so-called “death beam.” This was a weapon that he claimed could shoot down enemy aircraft, destroy entire armies, and even stop global warming. Unfortunately, the death beam was never completed or tested, and its exact workings are still a mystery.

2. The Tesla Tower

The Tesla Tower was another of Tesla’s amazing lost inventions. This massive tower was designed to transmit electricity wirelessly, and it would have been able to power entire cities. However, the project was never completed due to a lack of funding.

3. The Electric Car

Tesla is also credited with inventing the electric car. However, his design was never put into production, and it wasn’t until over 100 years later that the first practical electric car was developed.

4. The Tesla Coil

The Tesla coil is one of Tesla’s most successful inventions. This device is used in radios, televisions, and other electronic devices to create high-frequency currents.

5. The Tesla turbine

The Tesla turbine is another of Tesla’s lost inventions. This was a revolutionary new type of engine that could have been used in cars, airplanes, and even rockets. However, the turbine was never put into production due to a lack of funding.

While Nikola Tesla’s work may have been lost or censored during his lifetime, many of his inventions are still being used today.

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The Tesla coil, for example, is an important part of modern electronics. And who knows what other lost Tesla inventions may be waiting to be discovered?


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