Famous People From Different Fields Of Life That Claim to Have Seen A UFO

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There are many famous people who believe in UFOs. Some of these people are celebrities, astronauts, and even presidents! They all have different stories to tell about their own UFO sightings and the evidence they’ve seen that has convinced them that UFOs are real.

But why do so many highly successful and intelligent people believe in something that most society seems to write off as a far-fetched fantasy? There could be any number of reasons, but one thing is for sure: The belief in UFOs is not just relegated to a few kooks on the fringe of society.

UFOs and extraterrestrial life, in general, have become a widely discussed topic, with even the most prominent personalities chiming in on the controversial subject. It’s not just celebs like Lady Gaga or Will Smith, either; many high ranking public officials have also expressed their opinions about UFOs, including former presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

While it is hard to prove that all of these famous people actually saw what they say they did (most likely for security reasons), there is evidence that suggests some of them may have spoken more truth than fiction. So who are some of these people?
Check out this list below to find out!

There are many ways to go about writing an article that discusses how there are many famous people who believe in UFOs. A common format for this sort of thing would be, to begin with, the most famous people, perhaps with some sort of subheading or title that separates them by what they are most well-known for (for example, “Actors & Actresses” or “Astronauts”). From there, there are multiple ways to present the information.

One way to find a list of notable people who believe in UFOs would be to ask your teacher or take a look at this list. You could also gather materials from other internet articles about UFO believers by doing things such as Googling “famous people who believe in UFOs” or watching YouTube videos on the subject. If you’re having trouble finding good resources, though, feel free to search through lists of prominent figures who don’t believe in UFOs instead.

Throughout history, there have been many people from different backgrounds of life that have claimed to have seen a UFO. Some of these people are famous, whereas others are not as well known to the public. Kenneth Arnold is one person who is well known for saying he saw a UFO. He said he was a pilot and at a height of 9,200 feet when an unidentified flying object passed by his plane going 1,700 miles per hour (Townsend). Many other pilots also reported sightings throughout this time frame, but no one really took much notice until Kenneth Arnold spoke out about what he saw.

Multiple astronauts throughout history have made claims saying they too believe in UFOs. Ed Mitchell was the 6th man to walk on the moon in 1971 (NASA). When talking about strange occurrences on the moon, Mitchell said, “There are other strange things which happen on the moon. People have asked me if I saw any evidence of alien beings or UFOs and so forth. The only thing we saw on the whole trip to the moon was three small rocks that appeared in a cluster as we looked out our window one time” (Townsend). Another man who reported seeing something strange was Edgar D. Mitchell. Edgar is another astronaut that walked on the moon, and he also stated that he believed in flying saucers and that there had been many UFO sightings by reliable people (Harmon).

The majority of people throughout history believed that all UFO sightings were just made-up rumors, but after President Jimmy Carter came forward saying he had seen a UFO, things changed just a bit. While he was Governor of Georgia, Jimmy Carter stated that one night in 1969 while at an old farmhouse, there were about 20 other people with him. They all witnessed the light from a UFO approach them, and it stayed near them for more than three hours (Townsend).

Another prominent man who believes in UFOs is President Ronald Reagan. He made several comments during speeches saying how he believed there must be intelligent life elsewhere in the universe because it seemed statistically impossible that earth would be the only planet to have this type of life. This belief stemmed from his acting career when he starred in a movie called “The Killers” back in 1946 where aliens were killing humans on earth (FOX News Staff).

More recently, a few actors have come forward saying they believe in UFOs. Will Smith is a popular actor who has been known to say that he believes in UFOs and aliens from other planets (FOX News Staff). Brad Pitt also shared his views on UFOs through an interview with Esquire magazine, where he stated, “I don’t know if there are alien beings, but I do believe their craft have been zipping around. Something is out there” (Welch).

These people have had very successful careers for the most part, but even without being too well-known, some still stick by their beliefs about UFOs. John Podesta, who served as a senior advisor to President Bill Clinton, was a firm believer in UFOs and extraterrestrials until his death last year. He stated in a tweet, “Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files. #thetruthisstilloutthere”

One of the most well-known celebrities who believe in UFOs is Tom Cruise. He has spoken about his own experiences with UFOs and how he is convinced that they exist. He has said that he is “open-minded” about the topic and that he doesn’t think it’s “out there” to believe in them.

Another celebrity who believes in UFOs is Lady Gaga. She has said that she saw one when she was a teenager, and she was immediately convinced that they were real. She has said that she was “terrified” but at the same time felt an “out of this world” sensation because even though she knew it wasn’t human, it felt like there was some sort of other presence on the UFO.

A well-known astronaut who believes in UFOs is Edgar Mitchell. He has claimed to have seen one while he was onboard the space shuttle during his mission back in 1971. He says that there was other military personnel with him when they saw them and that they were not surprised by what they saw because they had all been briefed about their existence before going into space.

Another famous astronaut, Gordon Cooper, also claims to have seen a UFO while he was traveling through space. According to him, he was in a space capsule and saw an object that looked like “a saucer skipping on water.” Cooper says he didn’t think it was one of ours because there were no rocket motors on the side of it. He also said upon landing, his team reported what they had seen to their superiors but never heard anything about it again.

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