The European Space Agency confirms – The Possible Impact of a Huge Asteroid on Earth

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According to the European Space Agency (ESA), an asteroid will affect the planet earlier in September. The asteroid is called QV89 and will collide with our planet in September.

The object was first discovered in 2006 as it circulated around the sun. Now, thirteen years later, this asteroid is a serious threat to our planet.

The asteroid is about 131 feet wide and orbits the sun once a year.

European Space Agency

The European Space Agency About this audio statement (help · info) (ESA; French: Agence spatiale européenne for space exploration. ESA, founded in 1975 and headquartered in Paris, has a worldwide staff of approximately 2,200 in 2018 and an annual budget of approximately EUR 6.68 billion (~ US $ 7.43 billion) by 2020.

The object is about the size of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and depending on speed and impact can have devastating consequences, though fortunately, it is not as strong as erasing or extinguishing our civilization completely.

Possible Impact of a Huge Asteroid on Earth

Remember Russia’s Chelyabinsk Oblast from 2013. More than 1,000 people died injured. The asteroid was “only” 65.6 feet wide.

This asteroid may be the real reason NASA, ESA, and other space agencies have been preparing all this time for the impact or collision of a “Near-Earth Object”.

If we are lucky that the asteroid does not hit us, the danger would continue as there is a possibility that it will affect again in 2023, 2045 and 2062.

NASA and the European Space Agency have teamed up to prevent asteroid attacks on Earth. Together they will build a defense weapon to protect our planet.

The Asteroid Impact Deflection Assessment (AIDA) is the name of the project that NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) recently launched. The purpose is to protect our planet from asteroids in space.

Astronomers and spacecraft engineers work together to build a defense weapon against asteroids that risk crashing into Earth.

The plan is to build a spacecraft to collide with the asteroids to change its course, according to CNN.

NASA and ESA want to protect the Earth from asteroids.




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