Scientific Expedition Discovers a Dimensional Portal in Antarctica

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Antarctica is the land and sea areas around the South Pole. Antarctica, which is also its own animal geographic region (Antarctic region), is, unlike the Arctic, a real continent with a landmass that is above sea level. It is the only continent that lacks a human population, but there are more or fewer temporary residents.

Scientific Expedition Discovers a Dimensional Portal in Antarctica

A group of scientists who were in Antarctica for a climate project has witnessed a phenomenon never seen before.

The researchers examined the ice and climate when an unusual vortex manifested above them. One of the members claimed that in the middle of the icy mountains one could hide pyramids, stargates or even dimensional portals.

There are always strange phenomena on this continent, some without explanation.

Many researchers condemn the disappearance of people and UFO manifestations. The last occurred in March 2019 when a team of British and American scientists witnessed an unusual swirl above their heads.

They thought it was a polar storm, but the static nature led experts to investigate the phenomenon.

One of the researchers reported the events to the military intelligence services and the White House.

Sent a Probe Inside the Stargate

Some say that on the frozen continent you could hide a stargate through which you can access other dimensions. Another theory claims that under the ice layer can conceal an ancient civilization or even an entire underground world that is completely inhabited.

Scientific Expedition Discovers a Dimensional Portal in Antarctica 2

Stargate Wiki

Stargate, also called Astria Porta in the Ancient and Chappa’ai in Goa’uld, is a series of products, built by the Ancients, that create artificial subspace mask holes, enabling almost instantaneous transport between two distant points in space. Stargate is often considered to be The Old Greatest Creation, and so The Old One is often called Gate Builders. The Ancients, Asurans, Customs (with the help of Nox) and Ori are the only known breeds that have managed to build the Stargate.

The original Stargate design was invented by an Alteran named Amelius, from an idea he formulated the night before the Alterans left their home galaxy for the Milky Way. It is unknown whether he actually built the first of the Stargate Network. They are among the oldest examples of the ancient technology found in the Milky Way, the Stargate found in Antarctica on Earth has been estimated to be over 50 million years old, while the Stargate used in “Destiny” missions is even older.


This is the most remote island in the world The world’s most remote island is also one of the most inhospitable areas in the country, which has, however, attracted explorers.

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Holes larger than the Netherlands discovered in the ice of Antarctica

A similar hole has only been seen once before in the 70s. Céline Heuzé, a physical oceanographer at the University of Gothenburg, is researching the subject.

In Antarctica, it is still winter and the sea ice is still there. In an area as large as the Netherlands, however, the ice has disappeared, which is not normal according to Céline Heuzé.

A hole in the sea ice may be normal near the coast, but this hole is in the middle of the Weddel Sea.

– Weddell Polynya is the official word for this particular hole. There, the sea melts from the bottom of the ice, which does not happen very often, says Céline Heuzé.

May be underwater mountains
The hole has been discovered in satellite images and a similar hole has only been discovered once earlier in the 70s. The general word for holes in the sea ice is polynya.

The polynya we see now can only be the beginning, says Heuzé. Namely, it takes time for polynya to grow. The hole seen now began to open up a year ago when it became summer and the ice melted. When the ice lay over the sea again during the current winter, the hole was even bigger.

What is it because it has become like this?

– We don’t know. There are several different research theories about why the hole has come into existence here. It may be because there is an underwater mountain that affects the ocean currents which in turn creates the hole. But so far, there are no sufficient measurements of the Polynesian to be sure, says Heuzé.

May interfere with the climate
The sea and the air are usually isolated from each other during the winter because the ice lies between. But when a hole is opened in the ice, heat is transported from the sea to the air.

When the heat leaves the sea, the water becomes colder and thus even heavier and drops to the bottom which can affect the ocean currents. This, in turn, can affect the climate and the weather throughout the world.


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