Worker Discover a 2-Million-year-old Doll in Nampa, Idaho

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Many controversial artifacts are often stolen, lost or simply sold by their original owner or discoverer. But sometimes these artifacts manage to make it to the public domain before suddenly disappearing forever.

This is what happens to the artifact we are dealing with in this article. The most commonly used tactic is to study by academics and researchers and then ignore them as if they are not. Or just dismiss it and look the other way.

The Nampha doll is a very small figure created by men thousands of years ago.

It was discovered in 1889 by a group of workers searching for water in southern Idaho. They tried to build reel sand so they started drilling a borehole.

A small clay figure of a human was found in 1889 in Nampa, Idaho. It came from a well boring, at a depth of about 90 meters, where the geological clay layer in the Glenns Ferry Formation is from the Pliocene-Pleistocene transition, about 2 million years ago.

This layer is sealed with a basalt layer. It is approximately 37 mm long and appears to be a representation of a dressed woman. The surface had concretions of iron and stains of anhydrous red oxide. Clay balls were found at the same general depth and exhibited similar iron oxide discoloration. American archaeologists at the discovery believed that there were similarities between this figure and those in Upper Palaeolithic Europe.

They pick up strange clay cuts from there when they suddenly stumble upon a small clay figure in the shape of a woman.

Professor Albert A. Wright officiated the figure’s authenticity in 1979. But because of the academy’s rejection of the artifact, it has been lost. What is astonishing is that the geological strata according to the analysis and investigations carried out in the figure go back more than two million years ago.

Many experts suggested that it was created by an advanced civilization. But how could a figurine from more than two million years ago be designed by such an advanced civilization if such advanced civilization according to official sources never existed?

Watch this video for more information and draw your own conclusions.



“2-Million-Year-Old Doll”

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