UFO crashed in Australia: another cover-up

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UFO sighting ?! At first glance, the news seems hilarious. Now I have seen many pertinent comments, what I say: Why didn’t they make a video, why not take samples, why did not make 1000 pictures, much closer.

Frankly, if I’d found something strange in the woods, not a UFO necessarily, I think we were doing live on the page. Now the truth is somewhere in the middle, let’s see the article to see the pictures and look at the story in the video.

What I don’t understand, why he disappeared, and why did they come back.?! Take more pictures? No more frames? That reminds me of that picture of the girl who goes up to the toilet and on the way takes 10 pictures and the story of the month one made three pictures.

Here We Go with Another COVER.

Two men found a crashed UFO while driving their motorcycles.


Location: Macedon Ranges, in central Victoria, Australia.

The two men took pictures and sent them to some friends. Then they went to find the friends to show them the starry UFO.

UFO crashed in Australia: another cover-up 2

A few hours later, when they returned to the site, everything was clean, the object was missing and there were only a few parts of police barrier tapes on the ground.

They took before and after photos, and then sent it to mumuFON’s website for more research.

What a cover-up!

watch the video: UFO crashed

“I think it might be true. I’ve seen something similar to this with wings that can swing while I’m on a flight. I don’t know if a bird could fly this high where the plane Cruze and at the same speed follow it for about 1 minute. I swear it’s not a man-made plane.” – Matt

UFO sightings in Australia

This is a list of sightings of alleged unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in Australia.

On January 19, 1966, a farmer from Tully, Queensland, reported seeing a large object-shaped object, as well as a so-called “nest” of reeds in the swamp where UFO was discovered.
Around 10:30 am on April 6, 1966, many students and some staff at Westall High School (now called Westall Secondary College), in Rosebank Avenue, Clayton South, Victoria witnessed a UFO fly over their school and then down to a hanging dock behind the school.

The Valentich disappearance occurred on October 21, 1978, when 20-year-old Frederick Valentich disappeared while piloting a small Cessna 182 aircraft over the Bass Strait to King Island (Tasmania). Described as a “flying saucer enthusiast”, twenty-year-old Valentich Melbourne air traffic control announced that he was accompanied by an unknown aircraft.

On January 21, 1988, a family reported that they came in contact with a UFO while traveling across [Nullarbor Plain] in South Australia. [2] The family described the object as a “big glowing ball”.

On August 8, 1993, Melbourne woman Kelly Cahill reported seeing a large craft floating across the road as she and her husband drove through the Dandenong Ranges near Belgrave, Victoria.


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